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I'd Join the YT only for Kida-kun ;3; he's amazing!
but now im in shock! what happens to him? did shizu-chan
does something with kida-kun after this?
And after that how is the relation between the three (Anri,Kida-kun y masaomi) @@

Sorry for too many questions! n_ñ
And Thank you Very much for aaalll your translations x3
You're Awesome!

I'm pretty much speechless right know

but thank you verymuch for these

That is... unbelievably sweet.

Well, I mean, the bit about them racing to each others sides and all that.

Also, I totally had to look up what a nail puller was. XD

haha, I did too. And then when I saw it was like.. Oh, THAT thing? ...OOOOH. Ouch. XD

Yeah... overall this was so sweet, and I'm glad that despite all the suspicions and all that, they mattered more to each other than those. <3

lol Narita sure has a knack for making seemingly harmless items into dangerous weapons. In Masaomi's case, he gave him a nail puller as a weapon, and he seemed incredibly badass when he used it against the Yellow Turbans.

My favorite part of this would probably be the last few lines. Those three really do care about each other, makes it even sadder for when Masaomi leaves ;(

Oh god Masaomi~~ So badass, fighting off gangs by himself ;A; ♥ And the three of them! ;A; I'm sure it'll be heartbreaking when Masaomi leaves Anri and Mikado after this ;_____;

A nail puller. Oh Kida, ilu.

And Shizuo, just wtf. I love that he gets discount rates at Shinra's -- I mean, he could probably get discount rates almost anywhere, but he'd likely have to knock a few heads first. XDD

And oh those three. I love them so much. ♥

Thanks again, this never stops being interesting.

There is just something exciting about how Narita writes- If these were available in English I would buy them in a second. You would think they would at the very least sell ebooks of his work.

The end kind of make me go "OH TRUE FRIENDSHIP oh this is a little cheesy but why can't I hate it--"

This just adds to Kida's badassery. Also, OH Shizuo. Getting hit by trucks and getting up, getting shot twice and acting as though nothing has happened... (Honestly I was hoping for a little Celty/Anri goodness /shot)

Many thanks for the translation! <33 It was a really exciting piece.

Thank you so much for the nice translation~
Guh, Kida-kun, do you know that I love you?
Yeah, If my printer didn't break down, I would def print this part & carry it everywhere... Kida-kun... Kida-kun... Kida-kun.......

Nail puller?!
O.K., Kida is quite strong and creative.

"Why? ......'Cause I can walk around, that's why."

That's simple.

"Cost me my best lancets to just cut your body open ......"

That's not so simple.

Hurray for friendship!

oh WOW this was awesome! Thank you! <3
my love for kick-ass anri has grown about 10000%

"Sh...Shizuo-san......why are you......here?"

"Hmm......? Ah - my bad, who are you?"

asdfghjk SHIZUO/ANRI!!!asdfghjk *throws self at you* SANKYUU!
awww, poor girl, but at least shizuo seemed apologetic about it.
god i feel like an over-reacting fangirl xD

My, Oh My, The image of Uke-Masaomi surfaces in my mind while reading XD
This is so touching, I really wanna see it in anime.

And thank you for the translation, you're amazing to be able to translate with such speed and smoothness.

Awwwww, those poor kids ;_;

"Why? ......'Cause I can walk around, that's why."

(The GAR is strong with this one, I see.)

Uwaaaah... This is great I can't wait to read the whole story... XD
and hope this all will be in the anime too XD

OHHH, so Masaomi is/was the leader of the Yellow Turband while Mikado was the leader of Dollars while Anri is the leader of Slashers?

;n; friendship, so beautiful.

lol i still have no idea how Celty knows all of them.

gyaah! shizuo's going off to kill kida!!!nooo!!! >_<"

ILU Kida! Kida badass! >.<
God when this gonna be on the anime? Can't wait!

Is it just me or every time Kida appears the atmosphere turn out completely more warm and sweet? Like the sun --> maybe I love u for real Kida!
NOOoooooooooooooooo... pls snap out of it myself, it's a dream never comes true.... Damn, I wish u r real, Kida T-T

:") Another thx for the snippet, Anni!

Wow. I'm surprised how the anime followed this very closely. O_O

All three of the friends are badass. End of story! XD

What are you talking about? Anime changed why and how Kida formed the Yellow Scarves, had him find out Anri was the Slasher 5 novels earlier and threaten her, cut out Saki's backstory, put in a whole bunch of filler concerning the evil Yellow Scarves attacking the saintly Dollars and Anri, had Kida not care when he saw Yellow Scarves beat up people on the street. Had the action scene between the Yellow Scarves and Kida cut short, turning about 50 baddies taken down by Kida into 7ish (and turned minor injuries into giant holes in his skull), then changed his entire reason for leaving ikebukero.

Anime took Kida's character and destroyed as completely as possible.

I only know of the series through 13 chaps of the manga, the 25 eps of the anime, and the first volume of the novel series.

So how much did it change and why did Kida leave?

Is a nail puller a crowbar?

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