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In my head now is only one thing - through the whole speech Shizuo isn't pissed of.

About Vorona:
Vorona is a tomboy. She really likes destruction and this lets me see that she can love Shizuo's destroy mode.





Now THIS Shizuo ship I can get behind!


Oh, Shizu-chan's such a cutiepie. In his RAGE-off mode he can beat Moekado anytime.
Btw, frequently adorable, simple-minded and somewhat dense personality = OnoD. Casting guys FTW.
Emotioneless girl Vorona is lovely and damn, I am already shipping this.

OnoD's denseness is such a naturally perfect fit for Shizuo as Kamiya's all-pervasive sharpness is for Izaya. I just love how they casted DRRR in general.

Agreed. I just love how Kamiya keeps telling people that Izaya is a normal, if a bit too curious, guy (from his own point of view, that is) while everyone is focused on the batshit crazy stuff. HiroC, never change.

I wasn't sure how much I would like Shizuo/Vorona, but DAMN they're so cute together. The whole sempai kouhei thing is really adorable.

Thanks for the translation! <33

Shizuo and Vorona are so cute, I ship them more than yesterday! ♥
Thank you very much for the translation!!

...you know, I was a little shaky on whether or not I was going to like Vorona based off just secondhand knowledge.

But damn if I don't adore her now! ♥

Shizuo seems really happy to have a kouhai aka more of a normal live. Don't think he'll be happy when he knows who she really is.

Vorona gets a job at the same place as Shizuo I assume, what would be her function?

My guess is she takes the debtors down before Shizuo can make any unnecessarily violent move so Tom's company wouldn't have to pay as much for public property damage.

Vorona does talk funny. I like the way you made it work in English :)
And thank you. Just one wonderful bit of pleasure :)

I'm so glad you think it worked in English:)

Okay, I admit - Shizuo/Vorona is an adorable pairing indeed, I'm impressed. But not convinced (...yet).

Anyway, Vorona alone is a GREAT character. Strong females are the best after all.


Aww. I personally am having no problems whatsoever simultaneously shipping Shizu/Iza, Shizu/Voro and Iza/Nami. But maybe it's just me being born like that. I don't really think Narita has the intention to make either Shizu/Voro or Shizu/Aka canon though - he said in the afterword that Vorona and Akane are just going to become regular characters. Same thing goes for Iza/Nami. But then we all know non-canonicality is 90% of the vitality of a pairing.

...Anyway. I wish there had been more Vorona/Celty.

Am I the only person who supports Shizu/Celty?! D':


[I don't really think Narita has the intention to make either Shizu/Voro or Shizu/Aka canon though - he said in the afterword that Vorona and Akane are just going to become regular characters. Same thing goes for Iza/Nami.]

Sorry, but uhm... What do you mean by they're "just going to become regular characters"? D:" Does that mean... Like, not paired up? TT ___TT

Because even though it pains me to say it, Vorona's in a dangerous situation where she could EASILY fall for Shizuo. ; A;

How old IS Akane? o .o" I thought she was like, really young or something.

T-that was cuter than I had expected. ♥
Now I really want to draw them... except my attempts at drawing usually end in failure, so I guess I'll just have to settle for finding some more fanart on Pixiv.

I've been wondering for the longest time what Vorona was like, this does give a nice picture, lol! Why does she want to destroy Shizuo again? For being stronger/better at destroying things than her or some more complex reason...?

But I was surprised by the Senpai/Kouhai thing, luls. Their interaction is pretty cute. :]

Vorona is described consistently as born with this destruction impulse - she wants to destroy people in general to physically confirm their vulnerability with her own hands. On the other hand she also feels inferior to Shizuo because he defeated her in Vol.6 even when she had anti-tank rifles at her disposal and he was empty-handed. (Well, not exactly, he kicked cars around.)

Ooh, so that's her destruction impulse! That's really interesting -- she wants to break people down physically only? XDD Wouldn't that contradict wanting to get to know Shizuo totally? Logic fail, Vorona. :p

--but damn, Shizuo, lol. That is one fight I'd like to see. :> Was it during the warehouse scene?

Kicked CARS around?

Oh my god, that bad ass. Shizuo, you fjucking awesome son of god.
HAHA. I pictured Shizuo kicking Izaya around like a hackysack. I am amused. (Ne, in Playtunes(inumog), I saw Izaya hopping on Shizuo. Pfffteehee.)

Does Vorona ever meet Izaya? Hee~ That'd be so interesting to see.

Fufufu. Looks-wise, and if Shinra didn't exist, VoroCelty sounds pretty interesting. Personally, I think the closest yuri pairing I'd ever like in Drrr is CeltyAnri, but hey. 8'9 I'm not that fond of KidaMikado, so I'm at a loss. Hm. One-sided KidaxIzaya appeals to me, but that's it. Suggest me something?

Thank you so much as usual for the translation!!! I was waiting for something Vorona/Shizuo related so eagerly!! And the senpai-kouhai interaction is simply too cute ♥ Shizuo's really a sweet person and a has warm heart ♥♥♥ Now I understand the fanart in which Vorona is with him and Tom! Also thanks for the things you wrote answering to the comments, I get to know Vorona more! And I think in the end you made a great job into adapting in english Vorona strange way to speak japanese.
Even if the chances are low, I hope in a canon Vorona/Shizuo even more, now. And that when she get to know him completely, she will no longer have the desire to destroy him! May I ask, did Vorona agreed to work with him and Tom only to know Shizuo more, so exclusively for personal reasons, and there's something bigger behind?

wow, i see why people ship these two. I don't believe i'm too fond of that pairing (yet), though, but i think Vorona is a great character itself. I'm kinda surprised at how emotionless and at the same time intense she is.
I wonder why she doesn't piss Shizuo off...but maybe it's just because he's too happy to have a kouhai :)

I absolutely love the way Vorona talks. I suppose she's talking in a quite weird japanese? You've done a great job on getting that across in english! :D

<font size="1!>Oh I certainly hope there are some yuri scenes featuring voron ;3</font>

Lol, i saw a picture of vorona-san with shizuo and I definitely loved them together, lol!
awww, shizu-chan is really sweet when you think about it! He just gets angry easy, is all <3<3<3
when he's in his 'NOT KILL' mode, he's the cutest person to walk the world

Aw, Shizuo, you are so cute. ;w; I had no idea he could be this adorable, and I really hope we get to see Vorona in the anime. I just wish she didn't want to destroy him. DX

...Wanting to destroy him is sort of like a moe factor. It's pretty likely it will change.

. _. Sigh.

I don't know. When pairing people up with Shizuo, I'd consider only two possibilities: 1) They either never piss him off, and keep him happy... 2) The opposite--They drive him over the edge.

The thing is, there are already 3 others that follow the first one. Tom, Celty, and of course--Kasuka.

If you're a ShiVoro fan, you've got pretty high chances. ; _; Unlike with my pairing...

You ship Shizuo and Izaya, don't you? xD

Too lazy to sign in.

Derp. XD" Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. Of course, but keep quiet before I get flamed and the whole post is deleted.

Awww...Shizuo/Vorona is adorable! Vorona is such a cutie ♥

I love this! <3

Even though I have only heard about Vorona, I like her already because of what kinda of character she is. Plus when I heard she had interaction with Shizou, I squeed. This is definatly a pairing for Shizou I can ship 100%.

"- However long it takes, I'll have to get to know everything about him.

- And when I've known everything about him, I'll destroy him."

Pfft how long will that last I wonder? xD

Agggghhhhhh. That line just screams canon. TT __TT It's always like this--They fall for the other party eventually and then change their mind... Or something similar. Narita is skilled enough to make a cliche like that original but... But.... /Sob.

she's like a female Ladd Russo omg

Thanks a lot for translation!
They are the best pair in Durarara!

Can I take your translation and translate it for Russian community?
Russian and Ukrainian fans will be very happy ^^

Sure! Just put in credits as you see appropriate:)

Thanks a lot)
Of course I will)

It's nice to see Shizuo calm and sweet.

Ahhh the vending machine....and Shizuo
My 3rd OTP next to IzaNami

it's hard not to ship these two.~~ :))

They don't do a good pairing...
Vorona will try to destroy him, I'm sure ._.

Thx for the translation! It's really refreshing to read about calm Shizuo XD Since his name has the Kaji for quiet in it.
Mhm, not too sure I like Shizuo getting some kind of love interest character...it makes me jealous...and not just because I want him, but because he's, well...he's Orihara property, isn't he?

Please refer to the "no shipping wank" policy in the index post.

waah, sorry, I had no idea what shipping wank actually is. Fail english fails -.-'

i don't know if i can take this seriously if she's referring to shizuo as sempai while plotting his demise at the same time. oh well, i'll take it anyway XD

aww! wanna see shizuo dazzling smile! uuu

I could see that Vorona would take such very long time to learn all about Shizuo. LOL. Seems like another girl add for Shizuo.

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