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Wait, how is Celty supposed to eat the chocolates now? Lol, and I love Simon's health inspector remark, thanks for the translation!

Ah, it was actually not Simon but Denis. Thanks for commenting!

Oh Izaya, you.

That was quite amazing. Thanks for translating! <3

Izaya... informant, evil genius, human enthusiast... love doctor. >D

Shinra is so cute, though. His love for Celty makes me all giggly like a school-girl. Him wanting Celty to give him her chocolate is dirty Norita love. I wouldn't have want it expressed any other way. XD

He mentions that Celty eats sometimes--I thought she couldn't eat, though. In the anime that's how they treated it anyways since she didn't eat any of the food she cooked Shinra.

I think he just said that because at this point it seems like Shizuo (or Izaya for that matter) has no idea who she is. This is before they get together, I bet, and before Shizuo knows The Headless Rider is a girl (I love that it took him so long to figure out!) let alone Shinra's roommate.

Well, that's just what I thought. I love Izaya being all up-to-date on schoolgirl romance gossip, myself. It's just... *snorts*

Izaya, you meanie ^o^
First time knowing Denis and I've already liked the guy.

Izaya is a true bro

He should act like this more often

...how could Shinra believe that Izaya's his friend?
...and is that chocolate linked to some Succubus from Vamp! ?

And if I can do my homework as fast/often as you translate, I wouldn't be staying up so late T__T *dive back to the 8 pages long assignment that I have to write*

Thanks for the translations! They help me refresh my ideas when I stay up late. It's like coffee.

Well, he did encourage Shinra to give Celty chocolate even though it was not the 'tradition'. He didn't snap like Shizuo, who in short was 'I don't care about your stupid lovey-dovey problem, you annoy me'. Instead, tsundere Izaya patiently talked to him about chocolates, white days and such.

...Only to troll Shinra though because he knew that chocolate was already sold out.

o.o Oh... missed that

And I thought that for once Izaya did something good in his trolling life ;)

...But seeing how his way to love humans is to troll them, maybe he loves Shinra after all?

Ouch, that came out wrong.

That's still not friendship though.

Izaya did do something good in his trolling life though. He did assist Mikado rescue Anri from the bullies. Of course, that was to manipulate Mikado later, but it helped getting Anri Mikado together somewhat. Oh, he also helped Shinra getting more clients. That's more like using him, but oh well.

...That bastard really can't be good at all can he? We love him anyway. As long as he doesn't troll us. Wait, maybe we'll still love him if he does it nicely. >_>'

x.x You're right and I'm confused

Sh-Shinra, why are you so adorable? ♥

Izaya is a true bro

He should act like this more often

reverse chocolate giving.
swhen in love hinra is so. oblivious. even after izaya talking about the succubus chocolate lies.

It's not the first time when I notice that it's better not talk about love near Shizuo.

My brain says don't take that chocolate, but still Izaya's suggestion is good.

Sushi solves everything.


Uzayaaaaaaaaa 8D
You incorregible troll, you.

You repeat the same lie 100 times and it becomes the truth
That's more or less what our Prime Minister said a while ago. I guess it does work :|

Btw, I love Simon with the burning passion of a thousand suns.

I lol'ed at your avatar <3

Pfffhahahahahaa ♥ so happy to see Shinra interact with his (sort of) buds, I've been wanting to see what the (sort of) trio's dynamic is like nowadays. XDD

Also, chocolate sushi... eww, Shinra.

...oh Izaya.

lol, this was a great read. ♥ Thanks for the translation.

i loved Shizuo's "Don't make me picture something like that.....!"

(another blog stalker here... well I just found this. Thanks for all the hard work. X3 )
hmm... Perhaps I'm nuts but chocolate sushi sounds good.

And am I the only one that wants that 100 times = truth thing to happen and to see/read about Izaya getting feed one of those chocolates? Kekeke.
Doesn't matter from who; just watching how he reacts would be worth it.

Chocolate sushi is good. I just ate some recently. It's chocolate and banana wrapped in rice, vinegar and seaweed then fried in the oil covered in tempura paste. I don't know which crazy Canadian invented it, but it's very popular over here in Canada.

Izaya as love slave... that'd be... interesting? I think I'll feel sorry to whoever he "loves", as this guy's got a rather twisted definition of love.

Don't worry. Anyone who could come to love Izaya would have to be pretty twisted themselves.

So.. Shinra does dream of six impossible things before breakfast too XD

Ah, he's so innocent <3

Did anyone realize that Izaya could have started the nationwide boys give girls chocolate thing ...
or issit just me (facepalms)

lol cute and funny, oh shinra <3

Shinra is really something for having Izaya and Shizuo as friends.

Lol at chocolate rumor. Only Izaya can have time to create something like that~

oh my...really izaya? really?

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Well, whaddaya know, Izaya ships Shinra/Celty too!

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