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xD The poem(?) made me laugh.

Ahhh, I love Masaomi. The story was SO CUTE. Mikado missing Masaomi, Kida wanting his diary to be interesting, Mikado being brave in his own way, Masaomi pushing Mikado behind him and wanting to protect him, his utter cheekiness when he was getting back at the middle schoolers, the little kids...

Wait, that's pretty much everything... I just adore this story. ♥

I can't wait till you post the next part. Thank you so much again!

Aww they were so cute when they were younger!~♥

Thank you so much for translating this story! ^^

Th-Thank you so very much for translating this!~

awwwwww... they were so cute *.*..

Mikado and Masaomi are such love. "Leave the fighting to me" Oh Kida~ While I'm sorta sad Mikado is such a weakling physically, Kida helps balance him out with his own strength--I think Narita captures the longing for his return so that it's felt by both Mikado and the reader; Mikado doesn't really feel complete without him, etc.

Thanks for the Part 1 of this! I wonder if they'll animate any of the omakes or extras from Narita if there is a second season, hmm. Even an OVA of some of them would be great.

I love you and your new icon.

Somehow this short story made my eyes all teary. It's so sad that Masaomi has to leave Mikado's side. They were really good friends together. Masaomi stole all the spotlight in this story. He's cool... and brave, a kind of friend you'd like to hang around with, just to see what he can do.



Oh god that's cute.

XD Thank you for translating!

D'awwwww! Even if I can't imagine little Kida with black hair, ddd'aaaawwww! Thank you very much!

I'm melting from the cuteness. Thanks very much for translating!

OH, Kida-kun! Can I keep you?!

not able to say naything cohoerentbut thanks a lots you two rly


Slow development but unique story line.
I was hoping for more kida x mikado scenes.
please update.

Thank you so much!
This made my night, I was waiting for some backstory about my favorite characters.
Will Masaomi get back with their friends on volume 8? At least he appears on the cover...
Anyway, thanks again!

he will appear at the cover?! can somebody give me the picture??


Holy damn, that looks epic!

hello~ can someone translate this?? it's a summary thingy I found at dengeki i don't understand what are they saying??


This is extremely cute!>w< Thanks for translating it

i rly love you for this, anni. i rly do.

So sweet!! Awww,this was so cute!

I can't wait to see the next one :D

Mikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa---! what an evil ojousama
Thank you very much for updating!

Oh, I like Mika a lot more after reading this!
Anri, on the other hand... I like her but I feel like she's just... bland and boring (that's probably the whole idea, I know, but I just keep expecting to find something cool about her personality and... Well, I just don't know).

And wow, what's with Mikado saying he could have fallen for Mika if he had knew her first? I was genuinely surprised with that! Makes me wonder if Mikado/Anri will ever get anywhere, specially considering they seem kinda... unconfortable? with each other if Masaomi isn't around to break the ice.

Haha, sorry about this pointless rambling, thank you for the translation as always!

Mika. Is. So. Goddamn. Badass. And she and Anri are so gay it hurts.

Thank you very much for the translation!

Mika was kickass.
I actually would've liked her.
Until she became a crazy stalker

I know, right?

Ah, I was thinking the same thing.

Kida.kun is soooo Cute ♥ ~
And Mika is Amazing!! xD
Thanks I love this Chapter!
Thank you ~~~~~~

go mika, go mika! i just love her more,, like from 1% to 30%(60% goes to kida and the other goes to..other)

That was interesting, the parallels between Mika and Anri vs Mikado and Kida. I hadn't thought that they shared that admiration for someone else.

In any case, Mika was surprisingly cool!

Mika has now earned my respect
Kida and Mikado were really cute kids,eh... Plus Masomi getting to go outside at 2pm...his parents are AWESOME
Narita win here.

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