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This was an awesome chapter and its not even finished! :D
Aaw, shinra is too cute, "Naked apron!" Hahahaha that's a good laugh XD

Shinra's actually rolling around on the floor? Erm, well, this is Shinra after all.... Quite bemused to find out that Shizuo collects debts from a dating service and more so that Anri has progressed to calling Mikado "Mikado-kun" but Mikado is still stuck on "Sonohara-san." It's almost amazing that the school thinks of them as a couple at that rate.
Thanks for the translation (and sticking the pictures in as well!).

I doubt that the school pays much attention to them, it's just that the two seem to hang out all the time together, and 2+2= couple. :D
Mikado is adorable, so worried for Anri! XD *This is cheating!* ;P But you never made a move on her Mikado.

THANK YOU FOR TRANSLATING! x3 You're the best.

Oh, Mikado, you're such a lovely fail guy XDD!

BTW, thanks for the translations! This chapter totally made my day ♥

I loved Aoba's move to convince Mikado to go with him XD he's such a jerk, I can't help but love him.

XD Shadow Apron! Oh Shinra.

And... oh. Oh Aoba. Oh Mikado.

Thanks for this!

...Aoba has a crush on Mikado. A big one.

Ahh, and to think that I was toying with an 'Aoba majors in art for college' (fanfic/crack) idea earlier. Weird, but I'm happy. XD

The scene with Shiki is all kinds of yakuza awesome. I'm glad he's the kind of guy that can seemingly deal with 'the louse' if necessary. I'm assuming the person he was talking about was Vorona... It's also nice to get a vague image of what Yadogiri looks like (if only in my head).

Thanks for the trans'ing!

He look-...sounds too...I don't know, not a I-will-stab-you-on-the-street-and-make-snark-comment-while-sneaking-away-unnoticed guy?

I'm suddenly a Mikado/Aoba shipper.

Now seriously, I wonder what Aoba's up to, really. Does he intend to take over Dollars or something?

you are a TRANSLATING MACHINE and ilu

also sob. aoba.

Tom ♥

No fair... I wanna hold on to Shizuo's belt too... More like, pull them down. =P

Thank you!

This is amaaazing I've been reading and I realized I barely ever comment ♥ Thank you SO MUCH for all your effort. jsldf;a Shinra and Aoba.

Thank you for the translation!!! :)

Shinra is such an hentai XDDDDDDDDD And LOL when he says to Shizuo that probably a punch from him may be letal :°°°D thanks for your work, once again! ♥

Thanks for the translation! Yay for more of Tom! XD

I'm sad Masaomi's left )': but Aoba is such a damn cute bastard D< I wanna just squish him. And that description is just begging me to put him in a dress....

Shinra, you pervert ~ xP
And Aoba. Gah, Aoba. <33
And lol @ Mikado; why don't you just make your move on Anri, then..? ;P
Thanks for translating!

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