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Oh... oh Shinra. XD Oh Shizuo.

But hey! Shinra acting like a do- you know, I've never understood why doctors in the 2-d world always call for someone to boil water. But anyway! Acting like a doctor!

And oh Anri, why ARE you apologizing?

Great chapter! ♥ Thank you for your continued translations!

"Saika-san" is sooooooooo cute ;w; stop apologizing, darling !

Clunk clunk pop~

... Suddenly, I was able to keep in mind that this is Mairu speaking and not Kururi.

And lol, Mikado's way of ignoring "Kyo-san" just reminded me of how he'd ignore Masaomi's crazy ramblings. It's just the same !

Tom's way of keeping tracks of Shizuo's mood and forestalling the angry fits is amazing xD I love how it's really obvious he's been working with him for years and has figured out how he works.

"Freakiness too will transform into love"
Shinra ♥♥, you're already a freak XDD!

Oh, btw, thank you a LOOOOT. For real, this chapter was amazing :3!

Shinra LOL XD He's always in the edge of being trashed by Shizuo XD Shizuo is lucky to have Tom-san who is able to read hime and calm him down! :°D Thanks for sharing! ♥

I was so happy when i saw a new translation! You have
my heartfelt thanks! MOAR durarara goodness for the win! Anni, you are god! And beautiful new profile pic! C:

I was always scared of people who could crush cups with their hands...The fact that Shizuo doesn't have much control over his strength and didn't really mean to do it just makes him a bit scarier...

And I support Shinra/Celty, so I found Shinra's rabu-rabu dialogue really nice. :)

Ah, anyway, thanks for your translations!

Shinra's so dorky lol xD Tom knows Shizuo so well! It's great to see great friendship there!
Shizuo you adorable man <333

...Geez, I might be starting to ship MikadoxKururi.
Not too seriously, but it would be crackily adorable xDD

Thank you soo much for the translations!! >/////<
And Shizuo, ahhh such a loooow speed of reaction XD He's awesome that way <3

Mikado is kinda cute and clueless here LOL
Thank you for translating.

Wow, and I thought Izaya had the habit of rambling on and on! lol xD

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