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Index of translations
This journal is currently a place for anni_fiesta 's translations of Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) and Etsusa Bridge(越佐大橋), Japanese light novel series by Narita Ryohgo.

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Thank you for all the translations! and good luck with the NaNoWriMo! I am curious to what you'll write (is hoping you'll post here :))

thank you

the things you do... oh my god you are so amazing!!! thank you for these translations!!:D

anni-chan can i ask you something? im really new to your account so i was wondering do you have the vol.1 for durarara? since you started with vol.2 hope you can answer my question

I'm only doing entire volumes starting from Vol.4, and it's probably unlikely that I will do anything more from the first 3 volumes before I finish 6-8. For Vol.1 translations you can check out differentcloud's journal. The Durarara community on LJ has a translations masterlist; I don't have the link to it but you can look under the tag media: translations.

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Thank you so much for all your wondrous translations!

I only recently discovered the epic of Durarara and am very much caught and crazy now because...

Durarara is so amazing and there's always something in every chapter that makes me squee-esp. if it's Celty and Shinra, but esp. if it's Celty. (She's so adorable that I obsess about her adorableness almost 1/2 as much as Shinra who is also so adorable~). This is why I can't ship Celty/Vorona or Celty/Shizuo (though Shizuo/Iza would have also competed) or Celty/Ikebukuro (not that the town is a character, but all this talk about town personality got me thinking XD). I think I love almost all the characters (those threatening Celty & her head are the main exceptions), but ;O I think I can just do a little dance just thinking about Celty-Shinra.

My language skills being very basic outside English, I am very much indebted to you. Thank you! Arigatou gozaimasu! Merci Beaucoup!

Now (/when I have some free time) I shall get a new Avatar XD...

Hi! My friend took an interest in Saki Mikajima and plans on roleplaying her soon. I was wondering if you can provide some info. about her that the anime may have excluded? Thank you for your hard work, Anni!

Here is the snippet where Saki first meets Masaomi:

Also you can follow this tag for parts of the novels that feature Saki:

Apart from that Izaya hints that Saki is an "unfortunate girl" either physically or emotionally abused at home or by her loved one(s), but is nevertheless devoted to them.


Thanks a lot ofr the translations!! i've started reading them....i wanted to know if the first three volumes will be translated and also if the anime cover these volumes so i can continue the story...

I'm not translating any more from the first three volumes (you can find 1 translated at differentcloud's journal - she's also started on 2, and I think she'll eventually cover 3 as well). The anime covers the first 3 volumes (storyline differs a little bit, but pretty much led to the same ending), so starting from 4 is not a problem imo.

what's snippet ?

thank you anni-fiesta. i just love the work you have done. i was planning to learn japanese so i could read Durarara light novels, though it would take years. I REALLY appreciate that you are translating into english, i realize how amazing Durarara is in books. i already read 1,4&5, so good.
though i'm dying to know what's next, thank you for taking some time of your daily life to translate!!! Have a nice holiday! i will just wait patiently for the vol.6 to complete ^^

Ah! Thank you so much for your hard work in translating all this! I've been looking all over for translations of the light novel. Thank you so, so, so much!


I don't have an account on Live Journal, simply because I don't need it, but I stalk you here for quite some time and I have a huge request anni-san. Could you translate Izaya and Shizuo's "spacial voice", you know, they are a kind of special additive to cover song. I'd love to know what they are saying but I can't find any translations, so please help me.
Please, please, pretty please! Of course, I'll send you a link to these monologues if you need it:)
I'll wait patiently for your response(as for the rest of vol. 6, but I hope it will be soon-I'm dying to read about Shizuo and some flaying car;D)
Take care!!!

Thank you for your hard work anni-san :)

Your translatetions is so awesome!

I'm waiting for your next transtations , It's make me happy and excite what'll happen next

Thank you!

Thank you so much for translating these, I was actually looking for them in order to read them. you should add Volume 9 as well, right? ;)

Um anni, sorry for stalking you all the way here. I can't help but feel you might have missed my reply earlier to your suggestions for DRRRX2 chapter 1's title.

If you did see it, would it be too much trouble to tell me what you think?

Thanks so much! And so sorry for bothering you again!


hello annie, do you know where i can find chinese translations of volume 8? or at least the raw scans?

Chinese translations are sort of flimsy from Vol.4 on, but there aren't any raw scans available for Vol.8 yet so I guess this will have to do...

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thanks ^_^

recently finished DRRR!! anime, and I have, until just now, been frantically looking for the novel translations. You're awesome anni ^_^

Just want to ask, do you also translate the chapters of Durarara!! vol 1-3?

Hehe just started stalking your journal and glad that you've finally managed to finish Volume 6! I have been readdicted to DRRR! now thanks to your hard work!
Keep it up! YOU ROCK!

Just thought I should point out in the link to the Shinra gaiden it says 'except' instead of 'excerpt'.

I quit lurking just today so I thought I should drop by and say thanks for your awesome work. Thanks for all the translations and scans!

I know it's not in your plans to translate the other volumes, but are you going to write summaries or update the timeline? I can't thank you enough for your great work! If only the novels would be officialy translated (or continuing the anime). The only way I can keep track of DRRR is by your translation.

Hello, Anni!
I've got a question: Is your current project the entire volume 9? Just wondering. Thanks for all your efforts!

I think I'll do all three (7-9). Vol.9 has a storyline that can pretty much make sense on its own (which is why I feel like I can give it priority without having to worry about confusing people), though there are still certain chapters from 7 and 8 I have to do to let people know where certain new characters are coming from. So...yeah, consider all three volumes ongoing :)

Hello anni-san

I'd like to translate Durarara!! in my launguage. This story doesn't publish in my country.

Do you allow me to translate your work in Thai with your agreement?

I'll add credit for you in my translation.

I love this story so that is a reason why I'd like to translate it.

I'll post my translation on my blog [Http://]

I'm waiting for your answer.


Yes, absolutely. Thanks for letting me know! I'll be looking forward to your translation.

Where is the volume 1??

Volume 01

Volume 01 is translated by another person named Differentclouds. However, the anime covers volumes 1-3 with little variation (in fact, the anime goes into more detail on some of the events than the novels themselves).

Hey Anni, I just recently found ur lj and I was really happy to see that somebody translated so much of the durarara light novels :)
I was just wondering if u could tell me how much do u think it'll be until u have volume seven done (just finished vol 6 and am dying to find out what else is happening)? Sorry to bother, and thank u :)

Vol.7 is a collection of hardly inter-related short stories of things that are by and large not really important to the plot.

Basically, in "Assignation Boléro” Namie tries to undo Shinra's plastic surgery on Mika, in "Wanderers' Concerto" we get to know a lot more of Akabayashi's and Awakusu-kai's background in general, in "Debt Collectors' Rhapsody" a bunch of thugs try to ambush Shizuo's harem but the women turned out tougher than they thought, in "Lovers' Chaka-Poko" Shinra has his first official date with Celty. They return home and see Aoba waiting for them, claiming that he came to become "friends" with Celty.

I plan to do Akabayashi's story concurrently with Vol.9 since it does provide some useful background. Other than that, Vol.7 will probably have to wait till Vol.9 (which has a self-contained plot so can be enjoyed pretty much separately) and part of Vol.8 (that leads to Vol.9) is done.


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