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Index of translations
This journal is currently a place for anni_fiesta 's translations of Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) and Etsusa Bridge(越佐大橋), Japanese light novel series by Narita Ryohgo.

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I know it's not in your plans to translate the other volumes, but are you going to write summaries or update the timeline? I can't thank you enough for your great work! If only the novels would be officialy translated (or continuing the anime). The only way I can keep track of DRRR is by your translation.

Hello, Anni!
I've got a question: Is your current project the entire volume 9? Just wondering. Thanks for all your efforts!

I think I'll do all three (7-9). Vol.9 has a storyline that can pretty much make sense on its own (which is why I feel like I can give it priority without having to worry about confusing people), though there are still certain chapters from 7 and 8 I have to do to let people know where certain new characters are coming from. So...yeah, consider all three volumes ongoing :)

Hello anni-san

I'd like to translate Durarara!! in my launguage. This story doesn't publish in my country.

Do you allow me to translate your work in Thai with your agreement?

I'll add credit for you in my translation.

I love this story so that is a reason why I'd like to translate it.

I'll post my translation on my blog [Http://]

I'm waiting for your answer.


Yes, absolutely. Thanks for letting me know! I'll be looking forward to your translation.

Where is the volume 1??

Volume 01

Volume 01 is translated by another person named Differentclouds. However, the anime covers volumes 1-3 with little variation (in fact, the anime goes into more detail on some of the events than the novels themselves).

Hey Anni, I just recently found ur lj and I was really happy to see that somebody translated so much of the durarara light novels :)
I was just wondering if u could tell me how much do u think it'll be until u have volume seven done (just finished vol 6 and am dying to find out what else is happening)? Sorry to bother, and thank u :)

Vol.7 is a collection of hardly inter-related short stories of things that are by and large not really important to the plot.

Basically, in "Assignation Boléro” Namie tries to undo Shinra's plastic surgery on Mika, in "Wanderers' Concerto" we get to know a lot more of Akabayashi's and Awakusu-kai's background in general, in "Debt Collectors' Rhapsody" a bunch of thugs try to ambush Shizuo's harem but the women turned out tougher than they thought, in "Lovers' Chaka-Poko" Shinra has his first official date with Celty. They return home and see Aoba waiting for them, claiming that he came to become "friends" with Celty.

I plan to do Akabayashi's story concurrently with Vol.9 since it does provide some useful background. Other than that, Vol.7 will probably have to wait till Vol.9 (which has a self-contained plot so can be enjoyed pretty much separately) and part of Vol.8 (that leads to Vol.9) is done.

huh, so there will be no volume 7 till the other two are finished... kind of sad, but i guess it'll be good for me to hold back a little my DRRR!! obsession or it's going to end pretty... well... bad. of course assuming that i don't break my rule and start reading volume 9 without knowing the 7th one (oh God please don't let me do that!). or maybe i will be able to finish my japanese studies in two years and read the novels on my own?! yeah, good dreams aren't bad (sorry if this sentence is weird for you - i'm used to saying things this way in my language and i don't really want to stop doing it just because i'm speaking in a different language). so i guess i'll just wait patiently till you're done :)
BUT, i have a question. i've heard that izaya smokes in the novel (probably just occasionally, but still), is it true? i thought it was true and i just haven't read the part where he smokes yet, which, in my opinion, was when he was in hospital. and so i believed that he was smoking in the hospital, but today i couldn't stop myself and read the snippets from volume 7 (which are great but still bad, bad me!) and there were no cigarettes anywhere near izaya. so my question is - does he smoke? i could check your other translation but i don't think there is much izaya in them and i don't want to unnecessarily spoil myself.
thank you for your answer.
and thank you for your work, you're great!

Yeah, I'm aware that some people prefer to read them all in order. But with Narita I feel like you're bound to read out of chronological order either way and I do always end up rereading and discovering new links between books. Vol.7 is not really a prerequisite reading for either of the later volumes except for the information it offers on Awakusu-kai and maybe a little bit of what happened with Akane and Vorona, imo. Vol.8 is more important to the main storyline(s), and I'm still weighing how much I will have to do from 8 to let 9 make better sense overall.

I don't think it's been mentioned ever in the novels whether Izaya smokes or not. (Not Shizuo, either, for that matter; all we see is him with a cigarette in the illustrations.) Considering how reluctant Izaya would be to die early, my personal guess is that he just doesn't. Interestingly, though, Narita is not averse to the idea of Izaya using perfume. After fans told him about the character perfumes (at that time only the Izaya and Shizuo versions were out, I believe) he acted all surprised on his Twitter and said something to the effect of "Wow, I'll have to make a note to myself to describe how Izaya's perfume smells in the future novels then!" while not saying a word about Shizuo. Hmm.

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Thanks for the translations. Went through volumes 4-6 over the past two days and thought your translations were quite well done. Can't wait for the rest to be done; Mikado becoming legit was always what I had waited for, and it looks like that's what much of the next stuff will be about.

Thank you for your awesome translations, Anni-san XD
I've read all of your traslations starting from the shippets, volume 4-6, omakes, DVD extra, and CD content.
I haven't read anything on vol 9 since I always read or watch everything in order.

Are you going to translate vol 7 this year?

Because I'd really like to know how Vorona becomes Shizuo's kouhai and what happens to Akane and the Awakusu-kai.

Thanks. I think my replies on page 3 of the comments to a few other people pretty much answer your question.

who's in / under the bag

well i know i read it somewhere here but dont know if you gave a direct answer to it but did they ever elaborate on whos the female that izaya took with him after her failed assassination attempt and what shes doing as of now i remember someone pointing out that it was one of the suicide pact girls from the karoake booth but i cant dig up nothing about how they leave the hospital and when they separate afterwards im sorry cause your probably trying to concentrate on vol9 while being bombarded by questions from vol7-8 but this question been lingering for awhile now and if your still within earshot id like a tidbit to quell my inquires thank you regardless if you answer question and looking forward to your next translation. sad how im using a subject for a username huh?

Vol 4 Link

Ah, the mediafire link for vol. 4 is dead. O.O

thank you for the awesome work :D


I like your translations, they're really good. You put a lot of work into them!

I just have 2 things I'd like to ask about...

1) Do you know of a place where volumes 2 + 3 of Durarara!! are complete? If so, can you tell me?

2) I like to read things in order, but I noticed you seem to be mostly translating volume 9? >.> Not that I begrudge you that--I don't! It's just, I'd kinda like to know what happened in volumes 7 + 8 before reading 9. If you aren't planning on doing complete translations of them anytime soon, do you know of someone who has done them already?

Unfortunately, I don't know enough Japanese or Chinese to translate from the raws... T.T

Thanks again for your work on volumes 4-6, though!

1): differentclouds is translating 2 right now. She's planning to do both 2 and 3 as far as I know. 2): My replies to several other comments on this page should answer your question. I don't think anyone else's picked up 7 or 8 yet.

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Vol. 6

Anni-sama, I can't seem to download vol. 6 T^T
Anyways, seeing how Vol.5 had the scans, I'm wondering why Vol.4 didn't.
I have the scans to Vol.4, and I'm asking for your permission to edit your PDF to insert the illusts. Ah, I'm not re-distributing it or anything. It's only for my own use.

Re: Vol. 6

well, unless you'd want to repost it or something...
Ah, I'm also using your translation on the colored pages and I'm typesetting it on the scan... Hope you don't mind. But if you do, I'll stop.

I just read v.4-6 - thank you so~~~~ much for translating these! Was dying to know what happened after the anime ended, but my Japanese isn't up to the task. But that's okay, since you're doing this fantastic job - this can't be easy to render in English, but your translations are totally readable and funny and fun, just as they should be. Awesomeness!

is the 4th chapter bout earthworm or namie only ask cause all the other chapter corresponds with someone elses viewpoint and with shiki and his constituents in chapter 1,the twins and their instructor & his sister in 2nd ,and as of chapter 3 shizou vorona and tom

No, Chapter 4 is about Shinra and Izaya's past, mostly.

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Just a small question...

How did the relationship between Anri and Celty develope after vol 6?

I'm just wondering if it got more intimate than the somewhat sisterly love I noticed in older volumes.

Thanks if this is answered!

Re: Just a small question...

They interacted quite a bit in Vol.8, though the relationship pretty much stayed where it has been since Vol.3.


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