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DURARARA Vol.3 Anri & Izaya scene
“Sorry, you are...Mr. Orihara...Izaya...right?"

Izaya smiled pleasantly at the bespectacled girl who seemed to be fumbling for words.

"Why yes, Sonohara Anri-chan - or should I address you as 'Saika'? Probably not, you still managed to keep your sanity after I guess Anri would do. By the way, remember the times we met before?"

Despite looking like complete strangers, they actually had seen each other on several occasions.

When Anri was bullied in an alleyway at the beginning of the semester, Izaya had arrived on the scene with Mikado and driven the bullies away. But then again with the immediately ensuing encounter with Shizuo, they didn't even have the time to exchange greetings.

"So you're the Mr. Izaya back then...I must thank you for that..."

After bowing to Izaya, Anri's expression turned sharp.

"It's...actually...I, don't wanna do it...but..."

As Anri kept speaking, the tip of a silver blade emerged from her hand.

In one fluid motion reminiscent of Iaigiri*, the katana revealed itself to Izaya.

"Let me...cut you, please."

All the days use to fly by her without arousing a single bit of emotion; the ceaseless murmurings of Saika and the recurring nightmares was all she had. After knowing Mikado, Masaomi and Certy, she almost saw the silver lining that could bring her back to a normal life from this abnormalty dressed up as a normal life -

As much as she wanted that life, she'd never exchange Mikado and Masaomi's happiness for it.

To get that life back for herself, as well as for Mikado and Masaomi -

Anri, who had faced off Saika's "Child" in the same fashion before, pointed her katana at the mastermind who planted seeds of conflict between Dollars and the Yellow Turbans and tossed her life along into the upheaval.

Must - possess - him -

"Why...did you do that kind of Kida-kun and Ryuugamine-kun..."

"Hm - I don't think I did anything? I never pushed them to do what they did...all I did was pointing out the direction for them. But that aside, if you have to know why..."

It was an essential question on Anri's part, whilst Izaya's answer turned out as airy as one he would have given to an inquiry about his lunch menu.

"...because I love...I love humans."


Izaya stretched out his arms and continued to speak while Anri looked at him puzzled.

"Yeah, just that, because I love human beings. Virtues and the lack thereof alike. The only one I hate is Heiwajima Shizuo. It could be that I just wanna see all different facets to human beings...and that brings us to question time. About how much of what I just said is true......?"

Anri narrowed her eyes at Izaya, who seemed to be having fun taunting her.

"I'll know...when I possess you..."


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