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With the spoilers posted in the end abut Shigen, Celty would be connected even more with Anri, wouldn't she?

Yes. Apart from that there's kind of a yuri undertone whenever the two interact in the novels even after Anri realizes Certy is a woman.

Can you give any kind of example of that?

I don't think anything like that will happen in the anime fast. Same for the Shizu-chan/Iza-Iza thing down here, but I suspect Karisawa Erika of just being a BL fangirl.

Erika is a fujoshi who would ask your opinion on whether CD tops DVD or the other way around, so yeah.

In vol.2 Anri admits to Mikado that she's vaguely attracted to Certy right when he's about to confess his feelings for her. In vol.3 Anri learns that Certy is a woman, but the yuri undertone simply stuck...

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