Anni, you're my hero :d

This is so satisfying, aaah.
I second the "hero" comment! Thanks again.

...oh boy. THANK YOU. It clears up so many things I wanted to ask you about! You're the best. I mean, really.

You can't believe how many times I laughed and raged while reading this timeline. And it just confirms that Izaya is a Successful Evil Overlord, goddamn. Well, I still can't help it but adore him, though. He reminds me of Johan from Monster... kind of.

Wow, there are many more ties to Baccano! than I thought. Is Shizuo really *THAT* strong to beat up Nile? As far as I know he's one of the most powerful characters in Baccano novels. Hell, he's an immortal!

Poor Anri, I feel sorry for her. :( For Saki as well, she's such a pretty and cute girl.
I'm wondering what's up with that Ruri girl. Two dullahans... frankly speaking, I don't think I like this idea.
It'd be nice to see more of Tom Tanaka. I know absolutely nothing about his personality per se, but his chara design makes him somewhat... likeable.

Izaya masters parkour mainly for the purpose of running from Shizuo.
Shizuo begins to master parkour from years of hunting down Izaya.

I laughed so hard at this. At 20 bartender suits as well.

Sorry for the chaotic comment, I'm just that excited.
By the way, as for now (I mean, 4th episode) does Izaya know that Mikado = the leader of Dollars?

I'd say at that point Izaya is almost sure, being Izaya and everything...and yes, pissed Shizuo>Nile. Nile should learn his lesson and at least try to speak some Japanese.:) And Tom is a cool character. I like how he's like a human barometer for Shizuo's temper - if Tom retreats away from Shizuo, you know Shizuo's gonna lose it in seconds.

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Thank you your worshipfullness...I'm just curious how far the "romance" goes in this series and how much descriptive the author gets.

I wonder if getting ones neck sliced with Saika is what makes one into a Dullahan....or maybe Certy's an immortal like the others?

I mean the characters in Baccano...sorry that came out wrong.

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>Shizuo defeats Nile from Baccano
How did this happen? WHY did this happen?

Yeah, I know Nile is the battle-crazy Immortal by the 2000's and is willing to fight even Maiza for no reason. But wasn't Nile the guy who could kill a whole village pointing guns at him (Who knew the best way to take down Immortals at that)?

That we'll have to ask Narita.

Thank you; it sounds like Izaya is something akin to the devil himself...eek!

I'm assuming he invited Mikado to chat because he knew he was a dollar now...sigh. And I thought it was true love (hits self)

Haha. I myself don't ship those two but yeah I certainly see the possibilities:)

Izaya and Aoba fighting for control over Mikado in volumes 5 and 6 is interesting.

The more I find out about Shizuo, the higher the bar for awesome is raised.

I ditto that.

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Did all the Dollars members know Mikado was the leader when he called them in, or did they just listen to it since it came from the leader?(email I'm guessing?)

The latter. The only members who know that Mikado's the leader are (as of Vol.7) Izaya, Celty, Aoba, Masaomi and Namie.

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You're godly. Why does Anri follow Masaomi? Does he ever find out that she was the one who made Saika's Children help him?

From what I recall he has seen her with a katana, but I doubt he realizes what it meant. Same thing for Mikado.
So far the only main characters aware of what Anri's capable of seems to be Izaya and Celty.

There's quite a few characters in there that I don't recognize, of course, being new to this series--I only know who's in the anime. People like Horada, Aoba, Ruri, Tom, etc--no clue. So obviously, certain things seemed to make a lot more sense in some areas and completely lost me in others. XD Like the Saika children? I suppose there are blades that are somehow related to the original? I guess I'll have to see it animated to understand it better.

And I can't quite get the gist of what Izaya's plan is, though. Is he just purposefully creating trouble between the gangs for the sake of amusing himself? That's the only conclusion I could come to.

Who is the really tan guy with the dreads that hangs out with Shizuo?

The guy with dreadlocks is Tom Tanaka, Shizuo's boss. The rest haven't showed up in the anime yet.

So far this is covering 3 novels right?

I wondered if you could tell anything about Vorona, mostly when she shows up, her role in Ikebukuro and what she has to do with Shizuo?

Yes, this is up to vol.3.

Vorona first appears in vol.5 and is now a regular character. She was asked to kidnap Awakusu Akane, whom Shizuo later saved.

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thanks so much for this. i have gotten pretty into this story cause i loved baccano! this seems sjust as interesting.

Leloude Farance, a succubus* of the VAMP! series, attempts to seduce Yumasaki and several other male characters in order to draw energy from them. Leloude mistakenly takes Shizuo's desire to be Izaya and is beaten up badly after she approaches Shizuo in the form of Izaya.

this part is just hilarious.

I wonder what other characters she tries to seduce.
To bad the only bit of gayness we get is teasing.
Thank you Verbose!

So why don't Anri and Mikado end up together? What are the reasons? I mean, Mikado likes Anri quite a bit, and I don't think Anri's such a bitch to not notice his kindness and caring towards her and all.

I don't think the story is over quite yet. (was that you who said there would be at least one other novel anni?)

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Aaaaah, I'm so happy to find this ♥ It's a great way to confirm my suspicions hahaha, I was so expecting that from you, Mikado! :D

And I can't help but squee over the AWESOME AWESOME AWESOMENESS of Shizuo and Izaya! ♥ I hope the anime manages to cover everything! >__

where'd you all read the manga of durarara!!+baccano!?
did you bought it? or through online reading?
can someone help me? :)

i suddenly became interested when i read the timeline i was watching the durarara!! anime xD

I don't think a complete English translation for DRRR exists except for the first two chapters of Vol.1, which is why I'm trying to translate a bit on my own here.

There are various sources for reading the novels and manga in Japanese, though.

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Thank you, this translation is just too awesome!!!!

I still kinda confused about Dollars though....

All the characters are too much and disheartened me from watching and reading it.....

I mean, about how all members followed their unknown leader's orders and meeting and stuff.... It is a mysterious gang, right? Makes me wonder if the members even know each other....

(And it surprised me too that the guy whom I thought was the most normal and ordinary in all of this is the leader of most the craziest guy here..... and that they listen to his order without even knowing him!)

Do you know where I can find the illustration?

For volumes 1-3 they're included in the Japanese novel scans. For later volumes no scanned source exists, but you may be able to find some off Japanese sites.

oh my god. YOU OWN! Thank you SO so so so much for this, you're awesome! So many questions i had were answered :D
Thank you! <3

But i don't really get one part...
I thought Anri is the quiet and shy and non-violent type but what's the deal with her kicking so many asses? Is the blade kind of controlling her in those situations?

When she hands herself over to the Saika in her she becomes an incredibly strong fighter. So I guess yeah, you can say that.

This is great, so thanks so much for it. It clears up a lot of speculation.

Was there any mention of who Dotachin is, or was that name just thrown into the story and left to hang there?

Dotachin is Kadota - and this hint was actually what helped Mikado figure out that Kanra was actually Izaya (since he heard Izaya address Kadota as "Dotachin")

If I'm right, The Bride of Baccano is Ennis. In 2002 and Novel 12+13 She is marrying Firo (Finally, after 70 years....)

Shizuo is really strong, huh? Defeating Nile.... Is He even human? I'm pretty sure it was a question worth asking.

Actually I spelled it as Bride for the lack of a better's definitely not Ennis, but an occult leader of some sort (don't know much about Baccano 2002 myself)

As for Nile...maybe it's just that Japanese vending machines are superior.

Sometimes I wonder whether Shizuo pay for those vending machines he ripped off.. :/ or the policemen are just too scared? (I can see it might be the latter. And.It's amazing how Tom can bear being with Shizuo without being hurt at all.)

And Izaya. God bless him. He was abuseedddd but he still live nonetheless. Come on. "Shizuo's power+big trashcan and or vending machines+head" sounds pretty awful

But one last thing I conclude: The day Izaya and Shizuo has a mutual understanding of each other, they will definitely rule Ikebokuro if not the world. Thanks for jolting this down btw! <3


You sent me a PM regarding an MM JSK, but I can't respond due to your privacy settings. I'm replying to a random comment I found via Google Search in hopes that you will get a LJ notification. Should I email you my response? :)

Thank you very-very much for translation!!!
Can you tell, please, does Izaya know that Mikado knows he is Kanra?
And I can't understand, what sort of gang Dollars are... What did they do? (except staring on Namie))
Does Shizu-chan know that Izaya is part of Dollars?
Izaya is manipulating Mikado, right? Has Mikado any guesses about this?

Izaya knows that Mikado knows he's Kanra by the end of vol.1 - he pretty much let Mikado know on purpose.
Dollars kind of doesn't do anything. :P
So far Shizuo never knew that Izaya's also in Dollars.
Mikado is aware that Izaya is bound to have ulterior motives but unlike Masaomi he's not running away.

One more little question: Does Mikado know that Izaya/Shizuo/Kadota/somebody is in Dollars?

Salute to you, anni_fiesta.
This is such a great great great post.

What happened to Mika and Seiji after vol.1? She stays with Certy's face and come back to school?


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