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According to Narita, Mikado was originally meant to start high school in the year 2004. However, as the series progressed, its timeline diverged from that of the real-world. For convenience's sake, the year 2004 will still be referred to as "year zero" in this timeline.

All Japanese names are in the oriental name order.

Numbers in parentheses after names indicate the ages of characters at the time the event took place.

Circa year -70 (1930s)
Ronnie Sukiart from the Baccano! series sees Celty with her head.

Ca. year -26
Birth of Yagiri Namie.

Ca. year -24
Births of Kishitani Shinra (April 2nd), Orihara Izaya (May 4th) and Kadota Kyohei (Sept. 15th).

Ca. year -23
Birth of Heiwajima Shizuo (Jan. 28th).

Period unknown
Kishitani Shingen comes into possession of the demon blade Saika and experiments with it in various ways. Yodogiri Jinnai sells Kishitani Shingen information concerning the whereabouts of dullahans.

Ca. year -20
Births of Heiwajima Kasuka and Rokujou Chikage.
In Ireland, Shingen steals Celty Sturluson's head with Saika, which forces her to part with her memory.
Yagiri Seitarou, Namie (6)'s uncle and the then head of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, obtains Celty's head from Shingen by threatening Shingen with Shinra's life.
Celty realizes that her head and part of her memory have been stolen. Following the trace of her head Celty boards a ship bound for Japan. Shinra (3-4) accidentally discovers Celty on the ship. In exchange for shelter while staying in Japan, Celty agrees to let Shingen dissect her. Shingen finds that Celty has no heart.

Period unknown
Birth of Hijiribe Ruri, who inherits superhuman strength from one of her grandparents (a vampire).

Ca. year -19
Birth of Vorona* (name at birth unknown).

Ca. year -15
Births of Yagiri Seiji (June 13th), Kida Masaomi (June 19th), Sonohara Anri (Oct. 31st) and Harima Mika.
Namie (9)'s parents, who were first-in-line heirs of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, are held responsible for a major failure in a company transaction and gradually removed from the center of power. After the fallout of her parents, Namie's affections for Seiji gradually turn into erotic love.

Ca. year -14
Births of Ryuugamine Mikado (March 21st), Orihara Kururi, Orihara Mairu, and Izumii (later Kuronuma) Aoba.
Shizuo (8) attempts to throw a refrigerator at Kasuka (5) in a quarrel, inflicting major injuries upon himself (multiple dislocations and muscle damage). Shortly after, in another fight, Shizuo throws a school desk full of books at a schoolmate.

Ca. year -13
Simon (Samia) and Denis (now Chief Chef at Russian Sushi) become unemployed after the Soviet Union collapses and former Soviet special forces disintegrate. Simon and Denis are hired by underground weapon dealer Lingerin Douglanikov, whom Drakon (Vorona's father) also works for.

Ca. year -11
Izaya and Shinra attend Raijin Middle School and co-found the biology club. Shizuo attends another school, with Tanaka Tom among his sempais.

Ca. year -10
Shinra postulates that Celty perceives via the shadow-like substance she is capable of manipulating.

Ca. year -9
Shizuo, Izaya, Shinra and Kadota attend Raijin High School (later Raira Academy).
Izaya begins to gather "worshippers" for his own purposes, of which most are traumatized teenage girls.
Vorona kills for the first time.

Period unknown (during Shizuo and Izaya's Raijin years)
Izaya instigates conflict between the students in several Ikebukuro high schools, leading to a prolonged period of unrest. Shizuo rises to local fame after he becomes the center of this conflict despite his wish to remain outside of it. Shinra attempts to pacify the students in his own way.

Period unknown
Izaya masters parkour mainly for the purpose of running from Shizuo.

Ca. year -8 or -7
Izaya becomes wanted by the Ikebukuro police and frames Shizuo for being his accomplice. Shizuo (under 18) throws a vending machine at a police car when the police set out to arrest him. After more investigations Shizuo is cleared of all charges.

Period unknown
Trained by Simon and Denis, Vorona becomes stronger and single-handedly creates a bloodbath in a battle with forces employed by a rival weapon dealer. Lingerin, Drakon's employer, gives her the alias "Vorona" (ворона, Russian for "crow") and formally employs her as a fighter.
Simon and Denis leave Russia and eventually settle down in Ikebukuro.
Drakon and Lingerin are almost killed in a battle with rival weapon dealers who hired former special forces.

Ca. year -6
Namie shows Celty's head to Seiji, who falls in love with it.

Period unknown
Shingen sells Saika to Sonohara Anri's parents, who own an antique shop.

Ca. year -5
The first Slasher incidents take place in Ikebukuro, but most victims escape with only minor injuries. Niekawa Haruna becomes infected with Saika.
Akabayashi meets the Slasher (Sonohara Sayaka) and falls in love with her.
Anri's father tries to kill Anri (11). Anri's mother, Sayaka, kills Anri's father and herself with Saika. Saika goes into Anri's body.

Period unknown
Shizuo begins to master parkour from years of hunting down Izaya.

Period unknown
Shingen goes to America to work for Nebula Corporation.

Period unknown
Shizuo beats up a talent scout who tries to scout him. Kasuka saves the talent scout from Shizuo, and is in turn scouted to model for magazines. Later he moves on to acting jobs under the screen name Hanejima Yuuhei.
After her family goes broke, Ruri becomes a makeup artist and is in charge of Kasuka's vampire makeup in Kasuka's first TV show.

Year -4
Kida Masaomi transfers from Saitama to an elementary school in Tokyo, but stays in contact online with Ryuugamine Mikado.

Period unknown
In one month, Kasuka manages to make 1.2 billion yen from a million in a live show on King Television.

Period unknown
Raijin High School is merged with a neighboring high school and renamed Raira Academy. The new school rises from the ashes of its Shizuo-and-Izaya years and begins to gain popularity.

Period unknown
Physically abused by his older brother Izumii Ran, Aoba (then in elementary school) sets the house on fire and frames Ran for arson.
Aoba's parents are divorced. Aoba begins living with his mother and changes his surname to Kuronuma.

Year -3
Namie becomes in charge of the R&D Department at Yarigi Pharmaceuticals.
Seiji confesses to Namie that he is in love with Celty's head.
Out of jealousy, Namie attempts to get rid of the head but ends up intrigued by its unusualness. Namie persuades her uncle to let her conduct experiments with the head, and begins to abduct illegal immigrants for use in her experiments (with Izaya providing her with names)

Period unknown
Mikado founds Dollars with several online friends and creates the Dollars website.

Ca. year -2
The gang taking shape around Masaomi begins to be referred to as Yellow Turbans.
Mikajima Saki approaches Masaomi under Izaya's instruction and becomes Masaomi's girlfriend. Izaya himself approaches Masaomi at the same time.
Aoba persuades Ran to become the leader of Blue Square, a gang Aoba is in command of.

Year -1
Conflict erupts between Yellow Turbans and Blue Square, with Izaya selling information to both sides.
Saki lets herself be abducted and injured by Blue Square under Izaya's instructions. A panicked Masaomi calls Izaya for help but gets no reply. Blue Square members Kadota, Yumasaki and Karisawa betray their gang and save Saki, who is immediately hospitalized.
Ashamed of himself, Masaomi breaks up with Saki and leaves Yellow Turbans. Masaomi invites Mikado to go to Raira Academy with him.

Afterwards (period unknown)
Ran and several other Blue Square members are arrested by the Ikebukuro police force.
Color Gangs continue to cause unrest for a while before gradually going out of existence.
Blue Square dabbles in drug dealing, which draws hostile attention from Shiki of Awakusu-kai. Shortly afterwards Blue Square get into trouble with Shizuo, leading to its complete disintegration. Remaining members like Horada and Higa are absorbed by Yellow Turbans.
Izaya used this incident to frame Shizuo again for a crime and moves from Ikebukuro to Shinjuku.

Izaya helps Bride of the Baccano! series dispose of dead bodies.

Period unknown
Shizuo defeats Nile of the Baccano! series.

Period unknown
Izaya discovers Dollars online. By spreading rumors online and inviting people to join Dollars, Izaya gradually makes Dollars a force to be reckoned with in reality. Dollars members invited by Izaya may include Simon (who in turn invited Shizuo), Kadota, Yumasaki and Karisawa.

Period unknown
Izaya begins to administer an online chatroom using the screenname "Kanra". People invited include Celty and Mikado.

Period unknown
Shizuo is employed as a bartender. Kasuka gives him twenty bartender suits hoping that he will keep his job this time.
Shizuo beats up the manager and is subsequently sacked.
With Tom's help, Shizuo is hired as a debt collector.

Year 0

Period unknown
Nebula Corporation becomes interested in buying Yagiri Pharmaceuticals with the main purpose being to obtain Celty's head.
Seiji uses Namie's key card to break into the R&D Department and steal Celty's head.

January or February
During the Raira Academy entrance exam, Harima Mika sits between Mikado and Seiji and falls in love with Seiji. She immediately begins collecting information about Seiji.

Some week in-between
Seiji saves Mika and Anri from a gang of bullies. Mika starts to stalk Seiji.

Day before school opens
Mika breaks into Seiji's apartment and discovers Celty's head. Seiji bangs Mika's head into the wall in panic, making Mika unconscious. Namie orders subordinates to carry the unconscious Mika away. Seiji gives Celty's head back to Namie.
On the request of Kadota, Yumasaki and Karisawa,  Celty saves a certain illegal immigrant (friend of Kadota et al.) from kidnappers working for Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, while Izaya provides information for both the kidnappers and Celty.
Mikado arrives in Ikebukuro. Masaomi and Mikado sees Celty as Masaomi is showing Mikado around Ikebukuro in the evening.

Date unknown
Namie persuades Mika to accept a plastic surgery to make her face resemble Celty's. After Shinra performs the surgery on Mika, Namie attempts to erase Mika's memory and feelings for Seiji, leading to Mika's escape.

School-opening day (possibly April)
Mikado, Masaomi, Anri and Seiji attend school-opening ceremony, with Mika absent.
Masaomi shows Mikado around Ikebukuro. The two meet Yumasaki, Karisawa, Simon and Izaya.
Izaya meets with two girls with suicidal wishes in a KTV room in Ikebukuro, reveals that he has no intention of commiting suicide with them, and puts them to sleep with pills. At midnight Izaya packs the two girls in two trunks and asks Celty to put them on a park bench somewhere.

1st day after school opening
Yumasaki and Karisawa try to use "lightnovel tricks" to extract information from one of the kidnappers captured by Celty. Kadota stops Yumasaki and Karisawa, and manages to make the kidnapper tell him that Yagiri Pharmaceuticals have been behind the kidnappings targeted at illegal immigrants.
Orientation sessions and Organization Fair at Raira Academy.

2nd day after school opening
Physical examinations and class meetings at Raira Academy. Mikado and Anri become the male and female class representative respectively.
Masaomi asks Seiji to join him and Mikado to pick up girls. Seiji refuses saying that he cannot betray his love.
Masaomi and Mikado find Anri cornered by bullies. Izaya, who came looking for Mikado, appears from behind and scares the bullies away by stomping on one of the girls' cell phone. Shizuo hits Izaya with a flying trashcan. The two fight until Simon stops them.
Mika escapes. Namie sends all her subordinates looking for her.
Mikado and Anri run into a completely different-looking Mika.
Seiji sees Mika with Celty's face leave behind a truck.
As Shizuo is talking to Celty, Celty sees Mika with a face that looks exactly like her lost head. Celty grabs Mika and asks her name, to which she answers "Celty." Seiji stabs a ballpoint pen into Shizuo's leg as Shizuo follows Celty to approach Mika. Shizuo headbutts Seiji into unconsciousness. Mikado runs away with Mika and lets her stay at his apartment.
Celty mentions her encounter with Mika to Shinra. Shinra deliberately implies to Celty that her lost head may have found another body, trying to get Celty to give up the search for her head.
Namie finds out the location of Mikado's apartment.

3rd day after school opening
First day of classes at Raira Academy.
Kadota, Yumasaki and Karisawa get Mika out of Mikado's apartment.
The boyfriend of the girl whose cell phone Izaya stomped on comes to Mikado for revenge. Celty and Izaya take him down and follow Mikado to Mikado's apartment. Celty reveals to Mikado that she is a dullahan. Namie's subordinates try to extract from Mikado the whereabouts of Mika, only to be chased away by Celty.
Mikado, who realizes what must have happened to Mika, reveals to Izaya and Celty that he is the founder of Dollars and asks them to help him break Namie. Izaya provides Mikado with Namie's number. Mikado pretends to offer to strike a deal with Namie, but at the same time sends orders to all Dollars members via his cell phone.
Namie meets Mikado as promised. Mikado tries to persuade her to surrender herself and Seiji to the police. When Namie refuses, Mikado sends an order to all Dollars members in the street (Shizuo, Simon, Izaya, Kadota et al., etc.) telling them to stare at anyone who is not reading their text messages from a cell phone. Namie and her subordinates collapse under the pressure of text message ringtones and stares coming from all directions. Celty soars down vertically from the top of a skyscraper and defeats Namie and her subordinates. Namie runs away.
Seiji stabs Celty with a pair of giant surgical scissors as Celty tries to have one last look at Mika, whom she thinks has her lost head. Celty, however, is not injured. Seiji tries to take Mika away. Celty stops him as he is about to stab Mikado who is standing in his way. Mika confesses to Celty about the surgery saying that she does not have Celty's head.
Namie takes Celty's head with her as she is running away. Namie's uncle informs Namie that Yagiri Pharmaceuticals is to be merged into Nebula.
Celty slaps Shinra in her rage at finding out that Shinra lied to her. Shinra confesses that he did it in fear of losing Celty if she finds her lost head and returns to Ireland. Shinra and Celty become lovers.

4th day after school opening
Namie, determined not to surrender Celty's head to Nebula, takes the head to Izaya instead. Izaya expresses his interest in verifying the Valkyrie=Dullahan myth by putting the head in the center of a conflict. Namie begins to work under Izaya, who pays her a surprisingly high salary.
Seiji and Mika become "lovers".

Period unknown (shortly after Namie's flight)
Several pistols are stolen from Awakusu-kai. Horada steals one pistol from the thief when the thief is intoxicated. All except for that one pistol are retrieved and returned by Celty.

Period unknown (middle of year)
Yellow Turbans begin to absorb members in Tokyo.

Leloude Farance, a succubus* of the VAMP! series, attempts to seduce Yumasaki and several other male characters in order to draw energy from them. Leloude mistakenly takes Shizuo's desire to be Izaya and is beaten up badly after she approaches Shizuo in the form of Izaya.

Period unknown
Shingen marries Emilia.

Ca. August
A gangster is attacked by one of Saika's children.

Ca. October
A salaryman is attacked by one of Saika's children.

Middle of the second semester*
Niekawa Haruna, who hosts the daughter blade of Saika, falls in "love" with her teacher Nasujima Takashi. She is caught trying to injure Nasujima with Saika's daughter, and afterwards has to transfer to another high school in West Ikebukuro.

Ca. middle of December
Anri receives friendly warnings from many girls at Raira Academy telling her to avoid the teacher Nasujima.

A couple is attacked by one of Saika's children. Celty becomes wrongly associated with these attacks because she wields a scythe.

Year 1

Period unknown
Awakusu Akane (10), granddaughter of the leader of Awakusu-kai, is shocked to find out by googling that her family actually runs a mafia organization, not a gallery.

Nasujima saves Anri from some bullies.
Number of Saika's victims rises.

Late February
Anri cuts off Celty's helmet when Celty is retrieving a suitcase of money from Nasujima, who just stole it from Izaya.
Saika's children attack people at the rate of one victim per day.

Shortly before finals at Raira Academy
Masaomi catches Nasujima trying to harass Anri, and thereby extracts from Nasujima part of the problems that are going to be on the final exam.
Yellow Turbans move into the open on Ikebukuro streets.
Anri is cornered and bullied by three girls on the way home. One of the girls immediately becomes a victim of Saika. Anri decides to leave school for a few days.

Period unknown
Niekawa Shuuji (Haruna's father), a reporter working for a small magazine, interviews Shiki from Awakusu-kai for opinions on who the strongest fighter is in Ikebukuro. Shiki tells Shuuji about Shizuo.
Following Dennis's advice, Shuuji tries to interview Izaya, who turns out not willing to talk about Shizuo at all. Izaya directs Shuuji to Celty, who tells Shuuji where Shizuo works.

Three days later (end of February)
Shuuji interviews Shizuo. Not convinced that Shizuo is indeed the strongest fighter in Ikebukuro, Shuuji provokes Shizuo, who throws him into the air when he mentions Izaya's name.
Shuuji interviews Shinra to find out more about Shizuo. The same night Shuuji becomes a victim of Saika.
A message is sent to all Dollars members (possibly by Izaya) saying a Dollars member has become a victim of Saika.
Saika leaves messages in the chatroom about Shizuo, which draws the attention of Izaya and Celty.

Early March
Date unknown
Celty talks to Shizuo about Saika. Shizuo loses his temper when he learns Celty is a victim as well and swears to kill Saika.
Anri is tailed by one of Saika's children while looking around Ikebukuro for Haruna after she heard about Nasujima.
Celty buys information from Izaya on the demon blade Saika. As Celty takes Shizuo to find and kill Saika, Shizuo beats up several Yellow Turbans who picked on them.
Kadota, Yumasaki and Karisawa see Anri about to be attacked by one of Saika's children and knocks him over with their van. He attempts a second strike at Anri but is taken down by Celty. The Saika in him confesses her love to Shizuo. Shizuo tears off the door of the van and used it to crush him. <Karisawa Quote> Celty takes the cleaver he used back home thinking it is Saika, but Shinra tells her she is wrong.
Haruna tries to injure Anri at Anri's apartment for stealing Nasujima's "love". Nasujima is sent by Izaya to Anri's apartment and runs away at the sight of Haruna. Haruna chases after Nasujima and leaves a dozen or so of Saika's children to attack Anri.
Saika leaves messages in the chatroom saying that she will wait for Shizuo at South Ikebukuro Park.
Fifty-four Yellow Turbans become victims of Saika at the same time. (This is later referred to as Ripper Night and triggered the conflict between Dollars and Yellow Turbans)
Shizuo goes to Izaya's apartment in Shinjuku to ask Izaya about his involvement in the Saika affair. Celty stops the two when they are about to fight, shows Shizuo the messages Saika left in the chatroom, and takes Shizuo to South Ikebukuro Park.
Shizuo fights and defeats more than a hundred children of Saika all wielding different kinds of blades.
Anri stops Haruna when she is about to injure Nasujima. Anri pulls the true Saika from her body, and at the same time all Saika's children battling with Shizuo stop moving. Anri defeats Haruna with the true Saika, and becomes in control of all Saika's children. Celty suggests that Anri use Saika's children as a force for the good.

Yumasaki fixes the door of the van, onto which he drew manga characters.
Shizuo and Tom set out to collect half a million yen of debt from Nasujima. When Nasujima tries to attack, Shizuo easily beats him into unconsciousness.
Mikado and Masaomi visit Anri in hospital. Anri confesses to Mikado that she is vaguely attracted to Celty.
Yellow Turbans force Masaomi to become their leader again and swear revenge against the culprits of Ripper Night.

Period unknown
Horada robs several convenience stores with the pistol he stole which originally came from Awakusu-kai.

Kasuka is cast in the leading role of a Hollywood movie.

One week before commencement (several weeks after Ripper Night)
Masaomi visits Saki in the hospital. Saki believes it to be a sign that Masaomi is coming back to her because Izaya told her so.
Celty panics for the first time after chased by a team of traffic police led by Kuzuhara Kinnosuke. Afterwards she picks up Shingen, who injures Horada for picking on him with some fellow Yellow Turbans.
Back home, Shingen lets slip that he was the one who stole Celty's head. He pretends to run from the raging Celty and manages to escape.
Masaomi deserts Mikado and Anri during an outing, and meets with Yellow Turbans members to discuss the matter of Horada being injured by Shingen. Yellow Turbans suspect Dollars to behind Ripper Night and plan to seek revenge. Anri follows Masaomi and finds out that Masaomi is the leader of Yellow Turbans.
Celty saves Anri when she is about to be seen by the Yellow Turbans. She makes a shadow helmet to conceal Anri's face. Anri uses Saika to cut the objects thrown to them by Yellow Turbans and escapes successfully with Celty.
Anri begins her 30-hour sleep at Celty and Shinra's apartment.

Day before commencement
Masaomi visits Saki again in the hospital.
Masaomi meets with Kadota, Yumasaki and Karisawa in Russian Sushi hoping to clear the misunderstandings between Dollars and Yellow Turbans. Yumasaki is majorly displeased when Masaomi presses for information about where former members of Blue Square went. Kadota directs Masaomi back to Izaya, who takes this chance to tell Masaomi that Mikado is the leader of Dollars.
Izaya uses Higa to leak Shizuo's information to Horada, leading to Shizuo and Tom being cornered by a gang of Yellow Turbans in an alleyway. When Shizuo is about to defeat the Yellow Turbans, Horada shoots Shizuo in the upper body and foot with his stolen pistol, and lies to Tom saying he did it on Masaomi's orders.
Shizuo goes to Shinra for a surgery to remove the bullets from his body.

Commencement day
Saki calls Russian Sushi from her hospital phone and informs Simon and Dennis of what Izaya is up to.
Shizuo wakes up at Shinra's apartment after his surgery and swears to kill Masaomi. Anri realizes that Celty is female.
Namie informs Horada of the close friendship between Masaomi and Mikado despite Mikado being the leader of Dollars. Horada declares Masaomi a traitor and leads his faction to seize power for himself. Masaomi fights the Yellow Turbans alone.
Yellow Turbans who are also Saika's children turns to Masaomi's side at Anri's order.
Kadota and some thirty Dollars members pretending to be Yellow Turbans engage other Yellow Turbans in battle and defeat them. Shizuo slashes the top of Horada's car off with a road sign as Horada tries to drive away. Horada is later arrested by the team of traffic police led by Kuzuhara.
With a fake pistol, Shingen scares Namie into letting him into Izaya's apartment in search for Celty's head. He expresses interest in Izaya's mythological experiment with the head and promises to keep it secret from Nebula.
Higa gives Horada's stolen pistol back to Izaya. Anri tries to cut Izaya with Saika and thereby control him, but Izaya manages to escape unscathed. Fifteen minutes later Izaya is punched in the face by Simon, who lectures him at length in Russian.

Masaomi drops out of Raira Academy, gets back together with Saki and the two start working for Izaya.

Period unknown
A drunk Shinra tells Yumasaki and Karisawa that Celty is a dullahan. Yumasaki and Karisawa argue heatedly over whether Celty is a tsundere.

Date unknown
Nasujima wakes up from his coma to find that he has been sacked by Raira Academy for sexually harassing female students.
Emilia visits Shinra and Celty at Shinra's apartment and offers to pay Celty if Celty lets Emilia dissect her for studies.
Masaomi joins the online chatroom at Izaya's invitation to keep in touch with Mikado.

The week after
Emilia dissects Celty and studies her anatomy.

Period unknown
Yodogiri Jinnai, head of the entertainment company to which Ruri belongs, asks Awakusu-kai to murder Ruri (who is actually the serial killer "Hollywood").

Period unknown
Vorona and Slon (Слон, Russian for "elephant"), both employed by Lingerin Douglanikov's underground weapon business,  leave Russia taking a truck of illegal weapons with them.
Lingerin asks Igor, Russia's seventh most feared assassin, to track Vorona and Slon down.

Date unknown (April)
School opens at Raira Academy. Mairu, Kururi and Aoba are among the new students. In her self-introduction Mairu declares herself as bisexual but more interested in girls.
Izaya talks to Namie about Mairu and Kururi.
Aoba approaches Mikado and makes it clear that he knows Mikado is a Dollars member. He then insists on fixing a day with Mikado to "show him around Ikebukuro".

Two days later (Mid-April)
Mairu and Kururi's Third Day of School. 1 2 3
Mikado and Anri are forced to listen to a karaoke anime song medley sung by Yumasaki and Karisawa.
On Nebula's behalf, Shingen asks Igor to hunt down Hijiribe Ruri, whom Nebula is interested in for her possible dullahan blood.
Mikado and Anri run into Shingen talking to Igor. Saika recognizes Shingen as its former owner.
Anri attacks Igor with Saika and makes him one of Saika's children.
Celty receives a salary of one million yen from Emilia for dissection sessions. On the way home she is captured on live television as reporters try to intercept and interview her. Traffic police led by Kuzuhara chase Celty relentlessly, forcing her into manipulating her shadows to make a doppelgänger of herself. Izaya, who happens to be watching the TV program, calls Celty and tells her not to go out for a while. Celty realizes that she has dropped her one million yen. After she gets home, Izaya shows everybody in the chatroom the news that Celty is wanted for a ten-million-yen reward by a certain talent agency.
Hijiribe Ruri gets a call from Igor, who tells her that he knows she's the serial killer "Hollywood". She meets Igor at South Ikebukuro Park in the form of "Hollywood" and the two grab the attache case Shizuo and Tom have just recovered from one debtor and use it to fight. Shizuo knocks down them both with one swing of a park bench.
Mairu and Kururi find Celty's one million yen on the Ikebukuro streets. Igor, severely wounded by Shizuo's earlier attack, asks Mairu and Kururi to take him to Russian Sushi where his former colleagues Simon and Dennis work. Mairu and Kururi run into Shizuo, who tells them the way to Russian Sushi.
Kasuka finds "Hollywood" lying half-dead on the road when he is driving home. After realizing that "Hollywood" is really Hijiribe Ruri, Kasuka takes her to his own apartment, where he has Shinra perform emergency surgery on her. Afterwards Ruri attempts to kill Kasuka and silence him, but is moved by Kasuka and gives up the idea.
Kasuka's paparazzi catch sight of Ruri entering the apartment with Kasuka. Shinra is cornered by paparazzi after he comes out of Kasuka's apartment.
Kasuka notices four Awakusu-kai people that are coming after Ruri. He feigns intimacy with Ruri in front of the paparazzi, who in their frenzy capture the Awakusu-kai men on films making it impossible for them to make a move.
Shinra doctors Igor's wounds at Russian Sushi and asks for 200,000 yen. Mairu calls Izaya to ask for information on the name "Celty Sturluson" (which appears on the envelope containing one million yen) but Izaya refuses to disclose any. Mairu obtains Celty's information from Namie instead. Mairu and Kururi offer to pay the 200,000 yen for Igor provided that he complies with their plan to find out Celty's true identity, and Igor agrees.
Mairu and Kururi have Denis go find Celty and ask her to "transport" Igor for a day, their real intention being for Igor to capture Celty.
Namie tells Mairu and Kururi where Izaya's chatroom could be found. Mairu and Kururi join the chat.

The next day
Kasuka and Ruri's "midnight date" makes the headline on all entertainment news.
Awakusu-kai people led by Shiki corner Shinra in his own apartment and ask him what Hijiribe Ruri really is.
Ruri asks Celty to transport her to her own apartment, and feels that Celty gives off the same non-human "vibe" as she does.
As Kururi is giving Mairu a comforting kiss on the Ikebukuro streets, a motorcycle gang Toramaru from Saitama, whom Aoba has tricked to Ikebukuro, corners the two sisters. Kadota and the van gang save Mairu and Kururi from the gangsters.
Dennis goes to Celty to ask her to "transport" Igor for a day. Celty accepts for the 800,000 yen he offers (which, of course, comes again from the one million she dropped) and goes out to work again despite Izaya's warnings. Toramaru and other motorcycle gangs target Celty on the road since they've heard of the ten million yen reward. During the chase her "luggage" bag is broken to reveal Igor's one arm. Kuzuhara and the traffic police take on the motorcycle gangs with gusto.
Mikado, Anri and Aoba become cornered by some remaining Yellow Turbans who are also after the ten million yen reward, and are later saved by Simon. Mikado, Anri and Aoba get in Kadota's van and are surprised to find Mairu and Kururi already there. The van runs into Celty who's trying desperately to get away from the motorcycle gangs. Anri commands Igor via Saika to take on the motorcycle gangs and save Celty.
Ruri defeats the four Awakusu-kai minions who have been ordered to go after her, changes into a dullahan costume and also arrives at the scene to help Celty take on the motorcycle gangs.
After Celty has escaped successfully, one of Toramaru's members, in frustration, cuts Shizuo's bartender suit. Shizuo, realizing that Kasuka's present to him has been mutilated, goes into a major rampage and sends most of Toramaru's members into hospital with a street lamp.
Shiki blames Awakusu-kai's failure to hunt down Hijiribe Ruri on Yodogiri Jinnai, who did not tell them about Ruri's true identity as the serial killer "Hollywood". As they seek retaliation on Yodogiri, however, Yodogiri has already disappeared.
Izaya logs onto Tsukumoya Shinichi's chatroom to ask for information.

The days after
So many people are still looking for Celty for the ten million reward that it has become a social issue, making the talent agency eventually retract its offer. Hijiribe Ruri, meanwhile, continues to appear in public in her dullahan costume to confuse the Celty-hunters.
After Yodogiri has disappeared, Ruri changes her agency to Jack Lantern Japan (Kasuka's agency). Kasuka and Ruri become lovers.
Mairu and Kururi take Igor shopping.
Mika, Anri, Celty, Karisawa, Shizuo, Shinra, Seiji, Emilia, Mikado, Mairu and Kururi share a hotpot in Shinra's apartment. Izaya, jealous of everybody else in the chatroom having friends to do hotpot with, suggests to Namie that he treat her to some hotpot as well.
Aoba summons Blue Square and expresses his interest in using Mikado for their purposes. Meanwhile, he declares Izaya an enemy to be taken down as Izaya's influence on Mikado interferes with his plan.

Date unknown
Izaya and Namie get in contact with Awakusu Akane online and coax her into running away from home.

Late April
Led by Aoba, Blue Square members clash with Toramaru members in Saitama and burn their motorbikes. They leave spray paint marks on the walls saying they are Dollars members.
On Izaya's orders, Masaomi and Saki leave for a Northeastern town for a week and collect information on Yodogiri Jinnai.

Period unknown
Lingerin Douglanikov and Drakon defeat thirty-seven armed illegal immigrants.

End of April
Awakusu Akane runs away from home and stays with Izaya and Namie.

Izaya shows Akane a photo of Shizuo and tells her that Shizuo is an assassin who may be after her father and grandfather. He later gives Akane a modified stun gun.

May 2nd
Rokujou Chikage picks a fight with Shizuo when Shizuo is on his way home. Shizuo defeats Chikage in three punches and take Chikage to Shinra's for treatment.
Izaya impersonates Masaomi in the chatroom and warn Mikado to try not have anything to do with Dollars for a while.

May 3rd
Shiki from Awakusu-kai asks Celty to help them find Yodogiri Jinnai as well as act as a bodyguard for Awakusu Akane, who has run away from home.
Kururi and Mairu, Vorona and Slon see Chikage and his 10+ girlfriends as he beats up a middle-aged robber in a crowded Ikebukuro street.
Yodogiri Jinnai asks Vorona and Slon to kidnap Awakusu Akane. Izaya asks Vorona and Slon to disable Anri for a few days. Vorona intends to kill Akane's bodyguard, Celty.
Shizuo, while having lunch with Tom, is attacked by Akane with her stun gun. Shizuo and Tom take Akane, who doesn't give up trying to kill Shizuo, to Shinra's.
Aoba asks Mikado and Anri out again to tour Ikebukuro.
Chikage summons Toramaru members and vows revenge against Dollars.
Celty is attacked by Vorona on her way home. Thinking that she has killed Celty after she slices off Celty's helmet, Vorona leaves. Celty traces Vorona's movements with her shadow.
Kururi and Mairu inform Mikado of the arrival of Toramaru members in Ikebukuro. Mikado, after some investigation, finds out that it has to do with a gang claiming to be Dollars picking on Toramaru in Saitama.
Masaomi and Saki return from the Northeastern town.
11 p.m.
Vorona and Slon try to attack Anri in her apartment. Anri confronts Vorona with Saika. Celty, who arrives at the scene and tries to take on Vorona and Slon, is shot by Vorona's sniper rifle. Celty takes Anri to Shinra's apartment to keep her safe from Vorona and Slon.
Izaya calls Mikado and implies that Dollars has gotten out of his control.
Celty spends the entire night looking for Awakusu Akane, not realizing that Akane is actually staying at Shinra's apartment.

May 4th
Awakusu Mikiya (Akane's father) hires Slon to kill three spies hiding in his own organization (Izaya catches wind of these killings via his ties with Slon), leaving the bodies in an office building in Ikebukuro with the intention of blaming the killings on Asuki Group.
Mikado is confronted by Blue Square members led by Aoba. Aoba tells Mikado that the gang who burned Toramaru's motorbikes and claimed to be Dollars is Blue Square.
Masaomi finds out that the chatroom logs have been deleted (by Izaya).
Akane tells Shinra and Shizuo that it was Izaya who told her to try to kill Shizuo. Shizuo goes to Izaya's apartment looking for Izaya, but is tricked to the Awakusu-kai killing scene by Izaya's false moving notice. Shizuo runs away before Awakusu-kai members corner him.
Awakusu Mikiya orders his subordinates to hunt Shizuo down in order to not let Asuki Group see their non-action as a sign of weakness. Shizuo escapes to the top of an Ikebukuro skyscraper with his parkour skills.
Shiki begins to suspect that Shizuo is not the culprit after he hears about Shizuo's non-resistance.
Izaya hears about Aoba's dealings with Mikado and decides to accept Aoba's challenge.
Several Toramaru members recognize Yumasaki as a Dollars member in a gallery. Chikage follows Yumasaki, who goes off to meet Kadota and Karisawa. Kadota receives a cell phone message informing him of the attacks on Dollars members by Toramaru members. Chikage and Kadota take a cab to Raira Academy to fight.
Aoba attempts to force Mikado to become the leader of Blue Square. Aoba realizes that Izaya probably said something to Mikado making him reluctant to accept the offer. Celty overhears their conversation from outside the abandoned factory while Vorona and Slon keep an eye on Celty from a rooftop nearby.
Shiki and Awakusu-kai members go to Shinra's apartment  asking for information on Shizuo's whereabouts, and tells Shinra that the girl Shizuo took to him is Awakusu Akane. Shinra calls Celty. Celty's ringtone reveals her infront of Mikado and Blue Square members. Toramaru members arrive and begin to fight Blue Square members. Celty takes Mikado to meet up with Anri.
Igor lets Simon and Denis know that Vorona and Slon are in Ikebukuro.
Anri and Akane run into Kamichika Rio as they wait for Mikado and Aoba on an Ikebukuro street. Awakusu-kai members find Anri and Akane according to what Shinra told them and demand that Akane go home with them. Toramaru members chasing after Celty clash with Awakusu-kai members who mistakenly think that they are trying to kidnap Akane. Celty, Mikado, Anri and Akane use this chance to run away. Vorona and Slon track Celty down with a transmitter.
Izaya leaves Ikebukuro for a Northeastern town to avoid being hunted down by Awakusu-kai.
Around noon
Masaomi realizes that Izaya has been impersonating him in the chatroom and calls Izaya to ask what Izaya has said to Mikado. Izaya avoids the question and tauntingly suggests that Masaomi get in contact with Mikado himself.
A Dollars member who sees Chikage and Kadota fighting sends a message to the entire Dollars. Aoba orders one of his fellow Blue Square members to check on Kadota and Chikage, while he himself becomes intrigued by Celty's shadow threads he finds on Vorona's motorbike.
Izaya sends the picture of Rio and one of Chikage's girlfriends to the entire Dollars under the alias "Nakura". Shizuo, who gets the message, becomes angry and leaves the skyscraper for Raira Academy where Kadota and Chikage are fighting.
Mikado and Anri see Izaya's message and run back to the Ikebukuro streets. Mikado tries to stop three self-claimed Dollars members from taking Rio and Non hostage, but is beaten up instead when one of the self-claimed Dollars, whose girlfriend's cell phone Izaya stomped on a year ago, recognizes him. Anri takes on the self-claimed Dollars with Saika and saves Mikado.
Shiki tries to call Izaya who refuses to answer the phone. Later, Shiki realizes from Akane's words that Izaya is behind Shizuo's sudden arrival at the killing scene.
Slon uses a flashbang grenade to cause havoc in Shinra's apartment building, kidnapping Akane in the process and goes on to hide her in a truck parked on the Raira grounds.
Aoba finds out that Celty is responsible for the mysterious shadow threads.
Akabayashi and Aosaki from Awakusu-kai send their subordinates to quell the disturbance throughout Ikebukuro after Akabayashi receives the messages from Dollars.
Chikage and Kadota fight about twenty self-claimed Dollars members who held Non and Rio hostage.
Vorona and Anri arrive at the Raira grounds while fighting each other with blades. Vorona uses a flashbang grenade, resulting in blinding white light which enables Yumasaki and Karisawa to save the girls held hostage. Anri chases Vorona to the place where Kadota and Chikage are fighting about twenty Dollars members. Chikage stops the fight between Anri and Vorona. After telling Mikado that he's quitting Dollars, Shizuo arrives at the Raira grounds with Vorona's motorbike on his shoulder.  Shizuo sends one of the self-claimed Dollars members flying with one punch and the rest of them run away. Vorona stabs Shizuo with a ballistic knife, which reminds him of Izaya and sends him into a fit of rage. As Shizuo tracks Vorona down he sees the kidnapped Akane at the back of the truck and stops Vorona and Slon from driving away by kicking a car their way, and thereby saves Akane.
Mikado tells Chikage that he is the founder of Dollars and is willing to take full responsibility for the things that happened. Chikage doesn't take it seriously and suggests that Mikado stay away from anything to do with Dollars. Masaomi, who has returned to Ikebukuro and witnesses this scene, fails to bring himself to face Mikado.
Akabayashi and Aosaki leisurely defeat Vorona and Slon. According to their deal with Drakon, Awakusu-kai confiscates the weapons Vorona and Slon took with them to Japan in return for Vorona's release. Igor, Simon and Denis take Vorona to Russian Sushi.
Mikado accepts Aoba's request and becomes the leader of Blue Square. However, he stabs a ballpoint pen into Aoba's hand to show his anger at Aoba's involving Anri in this whole affair.
Izaya is stabbed by Yodogiri Jinnai in a Northeastern town and sent to a hospital.

Anni, you're my hero :d

This is so satisfying, aaah.
I second the "hero" comment! Thanks again.

...oh boy. THANK YOU. It clears up so many things I wanted to ask you about! You're the best. I mean, really.

You can't believe how many times I laughed and raged while reading this timeline. And it just confirms that Izaya is a Successful Evil Overlord, goddamn. Well, I still can't help it but adore him, though. He reminds me of Johan from Monster... kind of.

Wow, there are many more ties to Baccano! than I thought. Is Shizuo really *THAT* strong to beat up Nile? As far as I know he's one of the most powerful characters in Baccano novels. Hell, he's an immortal!

Poor Anri, I feel sorry for her. :( For Saki as well, she's such a pretty and cute girl.
I'm wondering what's up with that Ruri girl. Two dullahans... frankly speaking, I don't think I like this idea.
It'd be nice to see more of Tom Tanaka. I know absolutely nothing about his personality per se, but his chara design makes him somewhat... likeable.

Izaya masters parkour mainly for the purpose of running from Shizuo.
Shizuo begins to master parkour from years of hunting down Izaya.

I laughed so hard at this. At 20 bartender suits as well.

Sorry for the chaotic comment, I'm just that excited.
By the way, as for now (I mean, 4th episode) does Izaya know that Mikado = the leader of Dollars?

I'd say at that point Izaya is almost sure, being Izaya and everything...and yes, pissed Shizuo>Nile. Nile should learn his lesson and at least try to speak some Japanese.:) And Tom is a cool character. I like how he's like a human barometer for Shizuo's temper - if Tom retreats away from Shizuo, you know Shizuo's gonna lose it in seconds.

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Thank you your worshipfullness...I'm just curious how far the "romance" goes in this series and how much descriptive the author gets.

I wonder if getting ones neck sliced with Saika is what makes one into a Dullahan....or maybe Certy's an immortal like the others?

I mean the characters in Baccano...sorry that came out wrong.

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>Shizuo defeats Nile from Baccano
How did this happen? WHY did this happen?

Yeah, I know Nile is the battle-crazy Immortal by the 2000's and is willing to fight even Maiza for no reason. But wasn't Nile the guy who could kill a whole village pointing guns at him (Who knew the best way to take down Immortals at that)?

That we'll have to ask Narita.

Thank you; it sounds like Izaya is something akin to the devil himself...eek!

I'm assuming he invited Mikado to chat because he knew he was a dollar now...sigh. And I thought it was true love (hits self)

Haha. I myself don't ship those two but yeah I certainly see the possibilities:)

Izaya and Aoba fighting for control over Mikado in volumes 5 and 6 is interesting.

The more I find out about Shizuo, the higher the bar for awesome is raised.

I ditto that.

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Did all the Dollars members know Mikado was the leader when he called them in, or did they just listen to it since it came from the leader?(email I'm guessing?)

The latter. The only members who know that Mikado's the leader are (as of Vol.7) Izaya, Celty, Aoba, Masaomi and Namie.

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You're godly. Why does Anri follow Masaomi? Does he ever find out that she was the one who made Saika's Children help him?

From what I recall he has seen her with a katana, but I doubt he realizes what it meant. Same thing for Mikado.
So far the only main characters aware of what Anri's capable of seems to be Izaya and Celty.

There's quite a few characters in there that I don't recognize, of course, being new to this series--I only know who's in the anime. People like Horada, Aoba, Ruri, Tom, etc--no clue. So obviously, certain things seemed to make a lot more sense in some areas and completely lost me in others. XD Like the Saika children? I suppose there are blades that are somehow related to the original? I guess I'll have to see it animated to understand it better.

And I can't quite get the gist of what Izaya's plan is, though. Is he just purposefully creating trouble between the gangs for the sake of amusing himself? That's the only conclusion I could come to.

Who is the really tan guy with the dreads that hangs out with Shizuo?

The guy with dreadlocks is Tom Tanaka, Shizuo's boss. The rest haven't showed up in the anime yet.

So far this is covering 3 novels right?

I wondered if you could tell anything about Vorona, mostly when she shows up, her role in Ikebukuro and what she has to do with Shizuo?

Yes, this is up to vol.3.

Vorona first appears in vol.5 and is now a regular character. She was asked to kidnap Awakusu Akane, whom Shizuo later saved.

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thanks so much for this. i have gotten pretty into this story cause i loved baccano! this seems sjust as interesting.

Leloude Farance, a succubus* of the VAMP! series, attempts to seduce Yumasaki and several other male characters in order to draw energy from them. Leloude mistakenly takes Shizuo's desire to be Izaya and is beaten up badly after she approaches Shizuo in the form of Izaya.

this part is just hilarious.

I wonder what other characters she tries to seduce.
To bad the only bit of gayness we get is teasing.
Thank you Verbose!

So why don't Anri and Mikado end up together? What are the reasons? I mean, Mikado likes Anri quite a bit, and I don't think Anri's such a bitch to not notice his kindness and caring towards her and all.

I don't think the story is over quite yet. (was that you who said there would be at least one other novel anni?)

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Aaaaah, I'm so happy to find this ♥ It's a great way to confirm my suspicions hahaha, I was so expecting that from you, Mikado! :D

And I can't help but squee over the AWESOME AWESOME AWESOMENESS of Shizuo and Izaya! ♥ I hope the anime manages to cover everything! >__

where'd you all read the manga of durarara!!+baccano!?
did you bought it? or through online reading?
can someone help me? :)

i suddenly became interested when i read the timeline i was watching the durarara!! anime xD

I don't think a complete English translation for DRRR exists except for the first two chapters of Vol.1, which is why I'm trying to translate a bit on my own here.

There are various sources for reading the novels and manga in Japanese, though.

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Thank you, this translation is just too awesome!!!!

I still kinda confused about Dollars though....

All the characters are too much and disheartened me from watching and reading it.....

I mean, about how all members followed their unknown leader's orders and meeting and stuff.... It is a mysterious gang, right? Makes me wonder if the members even know each other....

(And it surprised me too that the guy whom I thought was the most normal and ordinary in all of this is the leader of most the craziest guy here..... and that they listen to his order without even knowing him!)

Do you know where I can find the illustration?

For volumes 1-3 they're included in the Japanese novel scans. For later volumes no scanned source exists, but you may be able to find some off Japanese sites.

oh my god. YOU OWN! Thank you SO so so so much for this, you're awesome! So many questions i had were answered :D
Thank you! <3

But i don't really get one part...
I thought Anri is the quiet and shy and non-violent type but what's the deal with her kicking so many asses? Is the blade kind of controlling her in those situations?

When she hands herself over to the Saika in her she becomes an incredibly strong fighter. So I guess yeah, you can say that.

This is great, so thanks so much for it. It clears up a lot of speculation.

Was there any mention of who Dotachin is, or was that name just thrown into the story and left to hang there?

Dotachin is Kadota - and this hint was actually what helped Mikado figure out that Kanra was actually Izaya (since he heard Izaya address Kadota as "Dotachin")

If I'm right, The Bride of Baccano is Ennis. In 2002 and Novel 12+13 She is marrying Firo (Finally, after 70 years....)

Shizuo is really strong, huh? Defeating Nile.... Is He even human? I'm pretty sure it was a question worth asking.

Actually I spelled it as Bride for the lack of a better's definitely not Ennis, but an occult leader of some sort (don't know much about Baccano 2002 myself)

As for Nile...maybe it's just that Japanese vending machines are superior.

Sometimes I wonder whether Shizuo pay for those vending machines he ripped off.. :/ or the policemen are just too scared? (I can see it might be the latter. And.It's amazing how Tom can bear being with Shizuo without being hurt at all.)

And Izaya. God bless him. He was abuseedddd but he still live nonetheless. Come on. "Shizuo's power+big trashcan and or vending machines+head" sounds pretty awful

But one last thing I conclude: The day Izaya and Shizuo has a mutual understanding of each other, they will definitely rule Ikebokuro if not the world. Thanks for jolting this down btw! <3


You sent me a PM regarding an MM JSK, but I can't respond due to your privacy settings. I'm replying to a random comment I found via Google Search in hopes that you will get a LJ notification. Should I email you my response? :)

Thank you very-very much for translation!!!
Can you tell, please, does Izaya know that Mikado knows he is Kanra?
And I can't understand, what sort of gang Dollars are... What did they do? (except staring on Namie))
Does Shizu-chan know that Izaya is part of Dollars?
Izaya is manipulating Mikado, right? Has Mikado any guesses about this?

Izaya knows that Mikado knows he's Kanra by the end of vol.1 - he pretty much let Mikado know on purpose.
Dollars kind of doesn't do anything. :P
So far Shizuo never knew that Izaya's also in Dollars.
Mikado is aware that Izaya is bound to have ulterior motives but unlike Masaomi he's not running away.

One more little question: Does Mikado know that Izaya/Shizuo/Kadota/somebody is in Dollars?

Salute to you, anni_fiesta.
This is such a great great great post.

What happened to Mika and Seiji after vol.1? She stays with Certy's face and come back to school?


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