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DURARARA!! Vol.8 last few pages.
Well, I guess I began to miss doing translations. So here's the segment that ties directly to the formation of the Orihara gang which we all loved in Vol.9. Hopefully as I find my time more manageable I'll be able to do more. 

Somewhere in Ikebukuro, the top floor of a tall apartment building

Yagiri Namie was shocked.

Her entire body winced, and the documents she held in her hands threatened to fall off.

As famous as she was for being a composed and cold woman back in her corporation days, she felt like she could shed a tear or two right now.

What she saw was a laptop computer on the desk, and a netbook placed next to it.

A man was typing away alternately between the keyboards of those computers.

The two screens displayed the same chatroom.

As she watched the man, who had logged himself in as "Chrome" on one computer and "Kanra" on the other, keep chatting on and on with himself - and humming a song on top of that - Namie was beginning to feel sympathy for the man in front of her eyes for the first time.

- I knew he was friendless, but…

- To think that he finally has to talk to himself in the chatroom…

She decided to pretend that she hadn't seen anything. Shaking her head, she turned her back, but -

Orihara Izaya - the man who was playing two roles at once in the chatroom - began to talk to her in a cheerful tone.

"Hahah. 'Look at that, this friendless guy is starting something weird.' Is that what you're thinking, Namie-san?"

"This is not weird. This is pathetic."

"Say whatever you will. Having multiple identities online is pretty convenient for manipulating how others see you as a person…yes."

Having said goodbyes using both handles before exitting the chatroom, he stood up as he closed his laptop.

"And I don't see how I should be called friendless. I love all the humans in the world, and think of all of them as my friends and lovers."

"That's just unilaterally forcing your love on others. Your way of thinking is like a stalker's."

"Really? You think you're the one to tell me off?"

Izaya shrugged. Namie asked with iciness in her eyes:

"What were you thinking anyway, renting such a huge place in Ikebukuro? This time you'll get killed by that bartender suit guy for real."

The moment the bartender suit was mentioned, Izaya's face fell. He recovered less than a second later, however, and began to explain in his own language:

"Well, I guess you can say that my goal of returning to this town is…to provide its teenagers in distress with lives free of peace."


"Peace - it stops growth in people. Look at Shinra for an example. He felt secure thinking that if anything were to get him in trouble, Celty or Shizu-chan would eventually show up and help him somehow. That's why he didn't know what to do in that situation and ended up being sent to the hospital. But I've decided that, from now on,  I'm going to be tough even on my friends. Because that's what friends do, you know. So even if Shinra calls me saying that he's in the hospital, I'm simply going to say 'Huh, that so' and hang up on him."

"Tough on your friends? I think you're just being nasty. That aside, I doubt he's going to call someone like you in the first place."

Izaya ignored Namie's criticism in silence and edged closer to his desk. Looking around the room, he opened his mouth:

"Of course, I think of everyone in this room as my friend as well."

In this room - all kinds of human beings existed.

A girl was leaning onto the side of the bookshelf and staring at Izaya with eyes full of killing intent.

Several men and women were wearing "Dragon Zombie" leather jackets with skeleton prints.

A girl with black and shiny waist-length hair was smiling, her pupils a shade of red.

A huge man over 2 meters tall stood with bandages all over his body.

A skinny male with a broken leg was lying on the ground, apparently unconscious.

A skinhead who looked anything but a non-yakuza was standing next to the entrance.

Others also came with their idiosyncrasies. With different expressions on their faces, the males and females listened to Izaya talk.

In their midst, a man with burns on his face smirked malevolently and spoke to Izaya:

"I don't recall ever being friends with you, bastard... Here's what I want. I'm going to kill those bastards Yumasaki and Kadota, kill that Aoba, kill Kida Masaomi, and then finally when I've killed you as well, I'll call that a happy end."

"Stop that, Izumii."

Though reprimanded by Sharaku Mikage, who was standing next to him, Izumii Ran - the man with the burns - continued to mutter:

"Yeah...Yumasaki...that Yumasaki...that otaku bastard...I'm going to kill him for real...and burn that leering face whole like he burned mine... Haha...hahahahahaha, hahahahahah!"

As Izumii kept muttering and suddenly burst into laughter, the people around him simply looked on, each in their own way - Izaya, however, smiled at Izumii and opened his mouth:

"For someone with such a cute name* your way of thinking is as extreme as ever, Ran-kun. That's what's so human and great about you."

* Cute name: "Ran", meaning "orchid", also enjoys some level of popularity as a female name. A famous fictional bearer is Mouri Ran, the heroine of Detective Conan/Case Closed.

After a moment of silence, he said to every person in the room with outstretched arms:

"Welcome to Dollars. Dollars welcomes you all as equals."

Izaya turned again to the glass windows that made up the wall, looking deeply emotional as he watched the city of Ikebukuro laying itself bare outside. "May you be sniped," spat the girl standing in the shadow of the bookshelf. Izaya, however, ignored the cursing and held up the thing on his desk.

With one hand he tossed it straight up into the air as he would a basketball -

He caught it as it fell, holding it up as if to show it to the city of Ikebukuro.

"You miss it too, don't you? Being in this town, I mean."

Just like that, the man who made his return to Ikebukuro happily played with Celty's head in his palm -

Facing all the humans in the room, whom he loved so much, he smiled a refreshing smile.

"Anyway, as proof of our friendship...let's have some hotpot together, shall we?"

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lmao hotpot

thanks for the translation!

Thank you very much for translating this pages, I was waiting for them with impatience!

So... this is the part 2 of the Epilogue and Next Prologue of Vol.8 right? One more question: in this volume Izaya appears only in these last pages or somewhere else too?

However I have the sensation that Izaya is really hurt for Shinra's behavior when he was in hospital and the doctor hung up on him... or is it just me?

This is not directly following Part 1, so I'd say part 3-ish. Izaya appears somewhere else prior to this segment too - although it's true that he didn't do much in this volume.

thanks again anni! :D♥

This snippet made me happy!

Haha, must be fun talking to yourself in another chat xD
And I just absolutely loved the last line, Izaya must be lonesome xDD
Thank you very much, and please don't ever stop translating :^D

Once again, thanks for the translation! :)

Thank you, Anni!
This part was both hilarious and so creepy~ Izaya managed to make even Namie pity him xD but his view on friends and friendship is just... saddening. I'm not sure he means all of that (especially where his new "gang" is concerned) but that part about Shinra... hm.

Thank you so much for this!

Yeah, sharing stuffs makes us feel fuzzy inside. 8D
Though I'm no longer a translator... lol. I get the feeling too.
Arigatou desu! Hontou ni nee~

OOh! Thank you anni! *.*
once again.

But Izaya should really start to worry about himself when even Namie feels pity for him.

Though, Shinra just hanging up back when Izaya called him... that got deep, huh?

Thank you so much for this translation!!! I hope to read soon the second part of this last chapter too, but no problem take your time :D Honestly I feel very sad for Izaya, if even Namie pity him now he must seem very lonely. I want to hug him poor love T_T
And I agree with you about the thing he said about Shinra, he acts as if he didn't care but in reality Shinra's behavior must have hurt him a lot and now he intends to reciprocate with the same disinterest. I can't say I disagree with him, Shinra was very cruel to Izaya on that occasion >_> Anyway I have a little doubt on the last part mmmh... was it Mikage or Haruna the one who said to Izaya: "May you be sniped"?

It's actually the girl who tried to kill Izaya at the hospital (one of the suicidal girls he trolled in Vol.1).

Thank you for the translation!)))

Thank you very much! <3

Aw thanks! I always wanted to read the introduction of Izaya's hotpot party members!

He's really hung up on that hotpot, isn't he? :)

Thanks for the translations!

Question: This "I'm going to kill those bastards Yumasaki and Kadota, kill that Aoba, kill Kida Masaomi, and then finally when I've killed you as well" is in italic. Does that means that Izumii is only thinking this? That would mean that Izaya can only hear:"I don't recall ever being friends with you, bastard... Here's what I want. I'll call that a happy end." Which is kind of strange.

I thought Anni-san is emphasizing Ran's murderous intent...

But that would mean that Izaya knows that Izumii wants to eventually kill him.

He does - Ran does nothing to hide his killing intent. These parts are in italic because Narita put emphasis marks on the corresponding original text.

apparently knowing his murderer-to-be never stop Izaya from using them anyway.
Like Namie, for example.

Though... yeah, he's kinda pushing it this time.

Narita never fails to deliver with Namie <3
Thanks for the translation! Glad you still have some time to dedicate to this.

Thank you for the translation!! ^^

lol Izaya, why are all your scenes so amusing? XD I wonder whether or not they actually ended up having that hotpot... After all, it looks like everyone in that room hates him.

"A skinny male with a broken leg was lying on the ground, apparently unconscious.

A skinhead who looked anything but a non-yakuza was standing next to the entrance."

If I may ask, who are these two? Also, thank you so much for taking the time to translate this!

The man with the broken leg is presumed to be Adabashi, a character so far only appearing in Vol.8. It's harder to say with the skinhead - there have been guesses but not enough clues yet. It could be a new character still unnamed.

Thanks for replying!
Adabashi, huh? Makes sense, although I wonder how his leg got broken. As for the skinhead... I've heard some speculation that it might be Kine from the Awakusu-kai, but as you've said there's nothing definite yet. Let the wild guessing begin! XD

Oh~ Do I sense some Izaya/Namie here? :D She's actually feeling sympathy for him?~ *glomps Namie* Why do I love you so much? Thank you so much for translating Anni! It's very VERY much appreciated!~

Thank you so much Anni! I hope your doing good in school.
I am happy to finally read this part, since I have waited a long time for someone to translate this.

Izayas Gang Kick Ass!! <3

I have to assume for the cover and the stuff that Izumi said,
that Dotachin gang mess with our kick ass gang?
I dont know but ...
I feel the tension and pressure more and more!
hahaha its seems that with every volume its gonna be more and more
Awesome and FTW!!and Im also sure that at some point its gonna be a
super badass and epic battle between the gangs! its gonna be awesome!!

Thank you so much Anni!! we should do a hotpot party too!! >D

Thank you very much for the translation.

Hmm...great choice in translating this snippet; it connects very well to volume 9 and definitely clears up some confusion.

As for the story itself, I love Izaya in this scene. It's very...him.

Love the hotpot reference too, and Izaya talking to himself with the different handles. I think its a pretty smart move, actually. (If other people can see the chat.)

ASDHSKJHL YES. Thank you so very very very much for translating this! I'm so happy I'm nearly in tears. I loved it, I can't even put it into words. Hahaha, talking to himself online, forcing his love on humanity, having hotpot... Izaya, you wonderful troll. XD

Thank youuuu ~

In the past week I've gone from not ever knowing about the existence of Durarara! to becoming a hard-core fan! And it's all thanks to you for translating the novels! Thanks you so much! I forgot what it was like; the excitement of joining a new fandom!

I'm extremely grateful to you~!

thank you thank you thank you! i've been dying for more drrr, especially izaya~ thank you again <3

Izaya x Suicidal girl is the new OTP now! Seriously, she hates him almost as much as Shizuo does. And it apparently turns him on...

i'm a bit behind on reading the translations but you are nothing short of amazing. Thank you always for your hard work.

Going back and reading some Durarara so I'm not so confused with SH! Real life is a soul sucking fiend, I prefer being tortured by Izaya... Thanks for getting back into the translations with SH! You've been missed!

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