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DURARARA DVD Vol.1 Excerpt from Shinra Gaiden.

30 minutes later, Russian Sushi, Ikebukuro

"Speaking of which......I really want her chocolate."

Said the man who had just been chatting with his love in his apartment.


"That's not something you talk about in a sushi bar......"

The one who replied was a man in a bartender suit and sunglasses.

One would easily mistake him for a waiter, but he was actually a customer too. Sitting next to the guy in the white coat, he was eating egg sushi.

"True love knows no borders, and my desire for her Valentine's chocolate knows not what kind of restaurant I'm in. If only I could get Valentine's chocolate from my love.....if she had even made it herself......even if it's only chocolate sushi with bars of chocolate on vinegar and rice! Oh, just picture, the East meets the West in a single Valentine's gift......"

He had to stop at this.

A loud bang sounded as his head was threatened by immense pressure.

"Don't make me picture something like that......!"

"Wait, wait, calm down, Shizuo! My skull's cracking! And the bones in my neck ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"


The next second, however, a huge hand grabbed the hand of the man in the bartender suit.

"Oh, Shizuo, it's no good. If you squeeze, the young doctor's head is going to burst. It's gonna be redder than red rice when it bursts. You can't make sushi with that. Eat, eat, eat sushi."

The black man who stood there was over two meters tall.

"Many sushi bars serve chocolate sundae as desserts. So when you talk about chocolate in a sushi bar, talk about chocolate, not sushi. Eat, eat, eat sushi."

The huge guy smiled as he talked in funny Japanese.

Shizuo pondered this for a moment -

"......You're right, they do have desserts in a lot of sushi bars."

And with that he let go of the head of the man in the white coat as if everything in the world seemed all right to him again.

The man in white fell back into his chair as his body was released from mid-air.

"Geez, that hurts a lot......Shizuo, I think all the calcium that should have helped your nervous system function has been allocated to your bones instead. Anyway......she doesn't eat a lot, so I haven't really brought her here or anywhere for dinners yet. But I'll introduce her to you when I get the chance, Simon."

"Oh. You have someone you like. It is good. When the boss brings his mistress, we earn extra profit. Food is better when you eat it with everybody. Bring your wife and mistress here, no problem."

"I don't think food would necessarily taste better in that kind of situation."

"Too bad that I will only love her and no one else. So I probably can't bring my mistress here."

As Shinra said that with a madly-in-love expression on his face, a plate of sushi covered with something that looked like transparent black pearls was placed in front of him.

"......What is this, Sir? Rice with toppings?"

Shinra asked the silent white man standing behind the counter.


"......But I didn't ask for it."

The owner of the sushi bar held a cleaver in his hand and replied matter-of-factly.

"This is my way of charging you for nauseating and scaring my other customers and making it difficult for me to make money. I made three servings. Eat them all."

" - At any rate, just by sitting here in that kind of clothing you're making it look like my place's being inspected by the Health Bureau or something. That's not conducive to good business."

An apartment in Shinjuku

"God, what a mean man. All I did was talk about love and chocolate, and he felt like it was a good enough reason to intimidate me. I should have studied more law."

It was a dimly-lit room.

The man in white was crawling up in an expensive-looking sofa as he complained.

The one who was listening was no longer the guy in the bartender suit - instead, it was a young man in brand casual clothing with eyes that looked remarkably sharp.

"An underground doctor says he wants to study more law......I see."

The young man in the black T-shirt said sarcastically.

He reached out his hand for the steel shelves as he asked the man who was dressed in the complete opposite color.

"Whatever. Did you come here in a cab when you're dressed like that?"

"No, I took the Yamanote Line."

"......Whatever. So you want chocolate. And you were overcharged at the sushi bar. Did you come all the way to Shinjuku just to complain to me about these?"

"What could I do? I can only complain to either you or Shizuo."

The young man in black smiled hollowly.

"Do I look like I have a lot of time to kill to you?"

"No. But you, Izaya, and Shizuo are the only friends I've got. Even Shishizaki-sempai hasn't been that close with me recently."

"......I'd rather that you cut your ties with Shizu-chan as soon as you possibly can. And about chocolate....."

Izaya's hollow smile looked more twisted than ever as he handed a flyer to Shinra.

"It's made by an old chocolate factory in Germany. They have a pretty curious trademark design with a succubus on it. Rumor has it that it's got the magical power to capture your dream man - it's now a bestseller throughout Japan, it seems."

"Hmm - well, there are global coffee shop chains out there with sirens on their trademarks. But a succubus is still pretty new."

"It entered the Japanese market last year. Urban legend among high school girls says it works like aphrodisiac - turns the recipient immediately into your love slave or something like's got no effect of that sort, of course."

"But you never know. Rumors are out there for a reason. Maybe a real succubus is behind this whole chocolate business."

Izaya laughed as Shinra said with a serious face.

"Really, for a black-market doctor you do dream a lot of the impossible......but I am very sure that the rumors about this chocolate are completely unfounded."


"Because I started them."

"......I knew it."

Izaya continued undisturbed as Shinra shook his head looking annoyed.

"Anyhow. You repeat the same lie 100 times and it becomes the truth......that happens a lot. From the men's perspective, it's also pretty gratifying to receive such chocolates from cute gratifying, in fact, that they probably won't object to becoming their love slaves anyway."

"I suppose you have a point.....but why are you showing me this?"

"Go buy one of those chocolates. I don't know who your girl is, but give it to her and you'll be alright."

Shinra shook his head at Izaya's blatant suggestion.

"But it's not White Day."

"You don't know about it? It's called 'reverse chocolate giving'. It's actually pretty popular for boys to give girls chocolates for Valentine's nowadays."


"Yeah. Although it has yet to become a nationwide trend. Or......"

Izaya paused for a moment here and resumed talking with a sly smile on his face.

"Is your love so weak as to be still bound by the stupid tradition that says only girls can give boys chocolates on Valentine's?"

Shinra fell into deep thought for a few seconds at Izaya's jeering remark. Then -

"You're right!"

He nodded with a highly refreshing smile that proved hard to be commented on.

Wait, how is Celty supposed to eat the chocolates now? Lol, and I love Simon's health inspector remark, thanks for the translation!

Ah, it was actually not Simon but Denis. Thanks for commenting!

Oh Izaya, you.

That was quite amazing. Thanks for translating! <3

Izaya... informant, evil genius, human enthusiast... love doctor. >D

Shinra is so cute, though. His love for Celty makes me all giggly like a school-girl. Him wanting Celty to give him her chocolate is dirty Norita love. I wouldn't have want it expressed any other way. XD

He mentions that Celty eats sometimes--I thought she couldn't eat, though. In the anime that's how they treated it anyways since she didn't eat any of the food she cooked Shinra.

I think he just said that because at this point it seems like Shizuo (or Izaya for that matter) has no idea who she is. This is before they get together, I bet, and before Shizuo knows The Headless Rider is a girl (I love that it took him so long to figure out!) let alone Shinra's roommate.

Well, that's just what I thought. I love Izaya being all up-to-date on schoolgirl romance gossip, myself. It's just... *snorts*

Izaya, you meanie ^o^
First time knowing Denis and I've already liked the guy.

Izaya is a true bro

He should act like this more often could Shinra believe that Izaya's his friend?
...and is that chocolate linked to some Succubus from Vamp! ?

And if I can do my homework as fast/often as you translate, I wouldn't be staying up so late T__T *dive back to the 8 pages long assignment that I have to write*

Thanks for the translations! They help me refresh my ideas when I stay up late. It's like coffee.

Well, he did encourage Shinra to give Celty chocolate even though it was not the 'tradition'. He didn't snap like Shizuo, who in short was 'I don't care about your stupid lovey-dovey problem, you annoy me'. Instead, tsundere Izaya patiently talked to him about chocolates, white days and such.

Sh-Shinra, why are you so adorable? ♥

Izaya is a true bro

He should act like this more often

reverse chocolate giving.
swhen in love hinra is so. oblivious. even after izaya talking about the succubus chocolate lies.

It's not the first time when I notice that it's better not talk about love near Shizuo.

My brain says don't take that chocolate, but still Izaya's suggestion is good.

Sushi solves everything.


Uzayaaaaaaaaa 8D
You incorregible troll, you.

You repeat the same lie 100 times and it becomes the truth
That's more or less what our Prime Minister said a while ago. I guess it does work :|

Btw, I love Simon with the burning passion of a thousand suns.

I lol'ed at your avatar <3

Pfffhahahahahaa ♥ so happy to see Shinra interact with his (sort of) buds, I've been wanting to see what the (sort of) trio's dynamic is like nowadays. XDD

Also, chocolate sushi... eww, Shinra.

...oh Izaya.

lol, this was a great read. ♥ Thanks for the translation.

i loved Shizuo's "Don't make me picture something like that.....!"


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