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Index of translations
This journal is currently a place for anni_fiesta 's translations of Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) and Etsusa Bridge(越佐大橋), Japanese light novel series by Narita Ryohgo.

Index of Translations, etc.Collapse )

Its amazing with all the durarara! translation but.. NO BACCANO!?!?
This saddens me alittle.. Baccano! was really amazing and I read Bakatsuki's translations and never got enough D:
Ahn.. Then again.. we've already requested so much from you already..
Ah this pains me, one can never have enough of Narita's work, Baccano was my favorite anime series ever. I guess a one can dream for a season 2 or more Baccano! translations..

All that useless rambling and wistful wishing aside, my sincerest thanks for never giving up on the project and your big-hreatedness in all these! It really sets you apart from those suspended trabslation sites. (grumbles... tsuki.. hiatus... Baccano..)

Hello, first of all, thank you for all your efforts, your translations always make me really happy and I really enjoy reading them, keep up the good work.
I actually have a question to ask you, what is 5656! Knights' Strange Night? I read somewhere that it was an Etsusa Bridge remake or something like that but I'm not so sure. Is it already out? Have you read it yet?

It's "A series of short stories set on Etsusa Bridge"

Thanks for translating !!

Even If I hope that they'll publish in Europe (France especialy aha), you gave me the chance to read them and progress in english in the same time ! /o/

Thanks for your work et good luck !

*cheers* *\(^o^)/*

simca hikari,
do you think of translating in french anni's work and publishing it on the net? (with her agreement, of course)
I'd like to do it, but I'm afraid that my level in english is too bad to be able to make a good translation.
Actually, if no one want to do it, I think I'll try, and if it's not too bad, I may post it somewhere (I don't know where for now).
That's why I'm also asking for anni-san's agreement :
do you allow me to translate your work in french, in order that french fans can enjoy Durarara! novels?
I'm waiting for your answer.

I'd love to, but I need to know whom I'm giving the permission to. Would you let me know what ID you go by and where you're planning to post your translations? :)

You're so amazing Anni!! I can't wait for the things to come from you~

I've been looking for translations for Vamp. Is there any? Or could you be so kind to translate the series into English? I've been anxiously waiting to hear something about this series but I haven't found any news on this series getting picked up.

I don't think there are currently any translations for Vamp except a Chinese one for Vol.1. Etsusa Bridge is higher up on my priority list but I'll gladly do a couple of snippets from Vamp if people are interested.

I'm the one who ask for anni's permission in order to translate his work on Durarara! in french.
I just registered a few minutes ago. It's why I was "Anonymous" before that.
If I post my translations somewhere, it will probably be on that site :
As there already are some translations on this forum, maybe I won't have to post mine. I'm really not sure about that.
In any case, thanks a lot for your permission, anni-san!!
I'm really admiring of what you do. You're just amazing!

Thanks for making the account and everything! I look forward to your translations.

Just finished reading Novels 4 and 5. Thanks so much for the translations <3 Love this series so much.

Oh, and if you want some help with the anime references in the VAMP/Durarara crossover, feel free to shoot them by me. I might be able to get some of them.

Thank You!!

You really have translated a lot, and you are really good at translating, too! I am coming near the end of what is translated, and now I am fearing the end of Durarara xD Once again, thank you!

It's been a long time since I'm stalking your journal but this is the first time that I'm thanking you for all the hard work. Thank you thank you very much for the awesome translations~! =^^=

I'm looking forward on Etsusa Bridge and... I hope that you'll translate Vamp! in the future. :3

Thank you for all the translations! and good luck with the NaNoWriMo! I am curious to what you'll write (is hoping you'll post here :))

thank you

the things you do... oh my god you are so amazing!!! thank you for these translations!!:D

anni-chan can i ask you something? im really new to your account so i was wondering do you have the vol.1 for durarara? since you started with vol.2 hope you can answer my question

I'm only doing entire volumes starting from Vol.4, and it's probably unlikely that I will do anything more from the first 3 volumes before I finish 6-8. For Vol.1 translations you can check out differentcloud's journal. The Durarara community on LJ has a translations masterlist; I don't have the link to it but you can look under the tag media: translations.

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Thank you so much for all your wondrous translations!

I only recently discovered the epic of Durarara and am very much caught and crazy now because...

Durarara is so amazing and there's always something in every chapter that makes me squee-esp. if it's Celty and Shinra, but esp. if it's Celty. (She's so adorable that I obsess about her adorableness almost 1/2 as much as Shinra who is also so adorable~). This is why I can't ship Celty/Vorona or Celty/Shizuo (though Shizuo/Iza would have also competed) or Celty/Ikebukuro (not that the town is a character, but all this talk about town personality got me thinking XD). I think I love almost all the characters (those threatening Celty & her head are the main exceptions), but ;O I think I can just do a little dance just thinking about Celty-Shinra.

My language skills being very basic outside English, I am very much indebted to you. Thank you! Arigatou gozaimasu! Merci Beaucoup!

Now (/when I have some free time) I shall get a new Avatar XD...

Hi! My friend took an interest in Saki Mikajima and plans on roleplaying her soon. I was wondering if you can provide some info. about her that the anime may have excluded? Thank you for your hard work, Anni!

Here is the snippet where Saki first meets Masaomi:

Also you can follow this tag for parts of the novels that feature Saki:

Apart from that Izaya hints that Saki is an "unfortunate girl" either physically or emotionally abused at home or by her loved one(s), but is nevertheless devoted to them.


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