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Index of translations
This journal is currently a place for anni_fiesta 's translations of Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) and Etsusa Bridge(越佐大橋), Japanese light novel series by Narita Ryohgo.

Index of Translations, etc.Collapse )

Hi! First of all, thanks for everything you have done!
I was reading the comment above and how they confirmed a 10th book. I know I am the millionth person to mention the 7th novel, but I was wondering if you'd get to that before the 10th one (if you plan on translating it)
I dont know if you answered something like this before, but I cant go back and read the other comments because they are completely spoiler-filled.
It's just that myself and a lot of other people want to have the 7th one before they continue to the other books.... and while you keep translating the other novels, more spoilers leak out into the internet... and those who havent gotten to that point yet keep running into them...
Sorry if I sound rude! D: Again, a million thanks for your translations!

Hi! (I am a dummy with Livejournal and tried to send in a similar comment a week or so ago but it never showed up, so sorry if you have read something like this before! I dont want to annoy you!)
Reading an earlier comment, I understand that there will be a 10th novel.
I know I must be the billionth person to mention the 7th novel, but I just want to know... if you plan on translating the 10th novel, do you plan on translating the 7th one before that?
I understand that the 8th book has a story that can be understood on its own, but some people like me hate reading things out of order. (You miss little details that way, and I am incredibly OCD about my precious details) And because of that, we are patiently waiting until you finish the 7th book before continuing on to the rest of the series.
What I mean is.. when you finish up translating 8 and 9, will you go back to 7 or continue to 10? The problem is the spoilers. When you go on and translate the novels, people who have read them know what happens and the people who are still waiting for 7 get pounded by spoilers. (They are very hard to avoid. I cant even read people's comments on your LJ without seeing them D:)
And I dont know about you, but for me, spoilers ruin the whole reading experience..
(and of course, this is all assuming that you actually do the 10th book.. and I dont want you to do it if it is too stressful. I know you are only human)
I'm sorry if I come off as rude and angry, I just want to know how much longer I have to stay away from online Durarara forums to avoid spoilers. (When the 7th novel is translated, I will happily catch up with everyone and hopefully not have to worry about spoilers anymore~)
I'm sorry if I didnt make much sense with this. I am having trouble putting my thoughts into words Dx
And thank you so much for doing what you do. A ton of DRRR fans, like me, are very thankful for your translations <3

Oh my gosh, I wish I could just delete this and re-word it...
I sound so rude and I hate it!

All I want to know is if you will translate novel 7 before 10 or if you will get to it at all... I want to know if I should wait or just skip 7 and go to 8 because the spoilers online are killing me..

(I just sent you the whole block of text expressing my feelings for spoilers regarding the books after 7)

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.
You see, I really am a LJ idiot!
Apparently you read and screen the comments... so my first comment did get correctly sent in after all! I'm sorry for sending you two comments on the same thing! I must look so annoying Dx
I'll stop spamming you now, I just wanted to let you know!

Hey, I absolutely love the work you do on these. DRRR is an amazing series, and your dedication to this is incredible. I have one small question though. What happened between Vorona, Simon, and Dennis after the events of six? I was wondering if you might consider translating that as a snippet at some point.

Hey there anni_fiesta. I appreciate all the work you put forth into translating Durarara!! Thank you so much! Now, I got to catch up on my reading.

Thank you for this!

But I want to download the PDFs since I'm always on the go problem is Mediafire keeps on saying I should Autheticate the DL ono

Hey anni

Er I'm getting a little desperate here. I'm now trying--as fast as I can--to translate the two color pages in the first novel so I can make the most complete release possible. But the Chinese scans of those pages are really unclear and I can hardly make out some words...

So I was thinking, would it possible if you helped me translate them from the original Japanese? I know you must be really busy and stuff so I'll understand if you decline. I'm just really, really despo now :S

Of course I'll credit you so yeah!!

Thank you soo much for your time. I really hope you'll be able to help me!! Thank you! I am still working on vol 2 at the moment!


I found the translation of 2 pages here :!!_v01-05.jpg and here:!!_v01-06.jpg
I hope these are the pages you want to translate :D

(Deleted comment)
It's the first book in "Etsusa Bridge", another series by the author of Durarara.

Any estimation on when any of them will be completed?

hello anni! sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if you planned on translating volume ten when it come out? just wondering, thanks anni!


Hey... first and foremost... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING! I've been wanting to read this for a while but haven't been able to.

Really quickly though, I had a question... why are later volumes translated but not the earlier ones (like 2/3 or 7/8 while 4-6 are and so is 9). Just seems a bit odd that they have been translated out of order and I was curious as to your reasoning.

Again, thanks for the translations... YOU (and Differentclouds) ARE THE BEST

I'm not Anni, but I think the reasons are pretty simple - 1-3 are animated, and 9 is just more interesting than both 7 (which doesn't contribute to the story much, except for the chapter with Izaya) and 8.

Re: ??? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: ??? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: ??? (Anonymous) Expand
I really can't thank you enough for this!!! I've been looking around for these translations for so long.. and i've been dying to know what happens in the light novel! Thanks so so much!!

Hmm ... I'm not sure about the Yaoi part (Bacon Lettuce), but I sure do want to take a look ^^. If you could, please add me to your friend's list XP. I'm really grateful for all the translations, by the way !


Hi Anni! Thank you very much for translating this awesome series! I wanted to ask if I get permission to translate into Spanish the volumes that you have translated? I would be grateful if you agree!



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