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Index of translations
This journal is currently a place for anni_fiesta 's translations of Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) and Etsusa Bridge(越佐大橋), Japanese light novel series by Narita Ryohgo.

Index of Translations, etc.Collapse )

Thanks so much for the translations anni~

I can't wait for volumes 7 and 8 to be finished! 8D

I read somewhere that Anri starts to lose control over Saika when Mikado is around during volume 08. Is that true?

I posted it on her wiki page but I just want to confirm it since I can't find the original post I heard it on.

Thank you so much for your incredible hard work! Your translations are fantastic!

Question about translation

Hi! I'm planning to translate DRRR novel to polish and I wonder if I can use your english translation? I would leave your credit pages in, so people would know that you've done the japnese-english translation.

Re: Question about translation

Absolutely no problem. I look forward to your translations!

thank you for translating these ! it's really appreciated ;v;

i heart you sooo much!!!! >_

Wow, this is fantastic work you've done here. I can't wait to read these.
May I ask if this project is still ongoing? I do translation work sometimes for video clips (Spanish) so I understand how difficult and at times frustrating it can be, but if you plan on continuing, I will happily follow your work. Durarara!! is a great series. I really appreciate how much time you must put into this. Compared to entire books, several minute videos feel like nothing.

Question About Translation

Hi! Thank you very much for your translations, you are the best!
I wanted to ask your permission to translate DRRR! novel to spanish. I would leave your name in the credits pages, thanking the japanese-english translations.

Re: Question About Translation

Hi! The thing is that someone has asked for permissions to do a Spanish translation before and (I think) I've said yes. I don't know if that translator is still active or if any Spanish translation is going on at all. Are there any as far as you know?

Thank you for your work!^^

Someone has been faster than me xD But well, I'll ask too cause I love durarara xD, can I use your translations to translate it to spanish?

Thanks for all the translations Anni!!!!! ZOMG, seriously, if you weren't doing this, I thought Durarara!! was pretty awesome from watching the anime but now I am completely and utterly obsessed with it. *w*
(seriously, I've spent the last two days on youtube just watching DRRR!! amvs, memes, and vocaloid covers)
Well, I've read practically everything you've done so far and am looking forward to reading more of your translations! Thank you! ^____^-

Thank you for translating this. I really wait for translation in my country for ages, but nothing happen. I love you with my wholeheartedly. I even plan to learn Japanese just for reading this novel, but still not succeed. So I really thank you very very very much that I don't know what to say to express how much grateful I am.

Simple Request

Do you think you could post all the volumes as PDF files that way it'd be easier and people would be able to just download the whole thing at once rather than having to read the chapters separately using multiple links?

are the epilogues and snippets included in the PDF file? if they aren't, it'd be great if they were so that downloading everything would be more convenient :D


Hi Anni. Sorry I don't have a LJ account to properly thank you for all your hard work. You've made so many of us out there happy with your beautiful translations.

I was just curious if you'll be continuing with DRRR!!
Sorry, I know you've stated several times that you're incredibly busy, but one of my friends has just started translating volume 7. I know you've already done snippets (which were totally awesome!) and I've let him know. Give a stop by if you're interested:
I just wanted to let you all know. Sorry if this is inappropriate to be posting on your livejournal.. Thank you for everything once again! God bless.

HI! Thanks soo much for these translations. I was wondering if you could say how long you think volume 7 and 8 will take?


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