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Index of translations
This journal is currently a place for anni_fiesta 's translations of Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) and Etsusa Bridge(越佐大橋), Japanese light novel series by Narita Ryohgo.

Index of Translations, etc.Collapse )

Just wondering - are you working on a pdf for v.9? If not, would you be adverse to me putting one together? (I'm probably going to be making myself a complete file to read on my Kindle; if you'd be interested I can try to convert to pdf. OTOH if someone else is working on it already, or if you're waiting for a beta, I won't bother!)

It has been released in this post - sorry for the inconvenience.

hello, I sent an email to you about this post, its not coming thru for me. Can you connect with me when you get a chance.

Vol. 6 pdf?

Hey, I'm so thankful to be able to find these translated light novels online :D
Thanks for your amazing work ^___^

Volume 6 pdf not working?

Hey, the link for the volume 6 pdf. always times out, saying mediafire is taking too long to respond?
I'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem so far?

Re: Volume 6 pdf not working?

I have the same problem, yeah. I was wondering if it was just me too.

Thank you so much for all the translations! :D

hey, i'm from brazil, but there is not a tradution of durarara in portuguese (well in truth there are, but only vol 1), so i want to give you a special thanks for the translation, because without you i will not know the bests books i read in ever. Yes for me durarara isn't only the best lght novel, but the best fictional history i read in ever.

So very very very very very very thanks, and sorry by my lamentable english.

Thank you so much for all these translations, I really enjoy reading them!

Hey, I LOVED reading these novels, and thank you for translating them. I was just curious if you were going to translate any more of the novels?

volume 7 & 8

first, thank you very very very much for your amazing translations!
I know that making translations take a lot of time, but I just don't understand: why have you translated volume 9 before volume 7 & 8???

You are amazing! I'm very grateful that you shared Durarara novel with us. Thank you for all time you spend on translating this.

Just as a info - link where it is supposed to be vol. 6 is actually vol. 9.

Thank you <3

Thank you so much for you're hard work, I am so happy you'r back from hiatus. The translations are incredibly good!

By the way, I was just wondering, how long was Izaya in protective custody during middle school? Because I think it clashes with another event at the time but I just want to make sure.

It wasn't specified in the novel.

thank you for your hard work :">

Many Thanks :)

I'd just like to say that I am very grateful for all the hardwork you put into translating this. This might be a bit long, so forgive me for it. I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks. :)

I've been reading the volumes recently because I suddenly felt nostalgia wave over me when I was reminded that I actually watched the anime when it first came out (and I waited oh so patiently every week for the subs to come out on the net because it was my only source of DRRR!! episodes). I remember feeling frustrated that, at that time, I could not find much artwork or fanfiction or novel-related stuff because not a lot of (non-Japanese) people knew about Durarara!! yet. And I definitely remember stumbling here on your journal back then when I was searching for fanworks.

Now that almost two years have passed since the anime aired, I came back to your journal on a whim - only to find that not only have you added full chapters instead of just snippets, but you also completed volumes upon volumes. You have definitely ignited my DRRR!! spark, and for that, I am thankful. You have showed people a way to cruise through the story further, and it is definitely a delight for all of us. Translating, as I imagine, must be fun and difficult at the same time - especially when real life kicks in unexpectedly. But you still go for it.

So, thanks. I am definitely going to wait patiently for the next chapters to come out, however long it takes. You are, literally, one of the many saviors of fangirlism. For that, I commend you.

In fact, I'm actually thinking of making an LJ account just to stalk your works. You might be the reason I create an LJ account, as I have always been lurking around here and posting fanfics on instead.

Aha, sorry for the long read. Well, whatever you celebrate (Christmas, Hanukkah, or just the Holidays), have a pleasant season. Happy Holidays!


what happened to volumes seven and eight? I dont mean to be rude but i would realy like to see those up here...

They are unfinished, period.

I love you. I really do. <3 Thank you.


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