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Index of translations
This journal is currently a place for anni_fiesta 's translations of Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) and Etsusa Bridge(越佐大橋), Japanese light novel series by Narita Ryohgo.

When commenting, please keep in mind: no shipping wank. (I cannot emphasize this enough. Shipping wank of any sort makes your translator sad, sometimes for days. For a pairing? Say it. Against a pairing? Keep that to yourself. You can write an entire thesis on why you prefer Pairing A to Pairing B if you like - I won't care as long as you don't take any of that here.) Character hate is sometimes socially acceptable, but I'd prefer that you express it in your own journal if that's possible. Thanks.


No chapters currently available at this site
(Please check out differentclouds for a complete translation [ongoing as of present])


No chapters currently available at this site

Saki and Izaya meet Masaomi.
Shingen/Izaya/Namie conversation scene. 1 2 3
Izaya/Masaomi/Namie conversation scene. 1 2
Masaomi+Anri+Mikado revelation scene. Also featuring Shizuo, Shinra and Celty.
Anri (Saika) vs Izaya. 1 2
Simon lectures Izaya.


The on-site version of Vol.4, 5, 6 and 9 is currently an unbeta-ed version. Please download the PDFs for beta-ed versions of these texts.

Vol.4 (Complete)

Color Illustrations
Prologue - Rumors
Chapter 1 - King Television Special Report: Ikebukuro, A Hundred Days At the War Front - Part I Part II
Chapter 2 - MAO, Information Magazine For the Young: "A New Life in Spring! How to Make Your High School Debut in Tokyo, Part Ikebukuro"
Chapter 3 - Young Princesses' Club: "The Hottest Spring on Earth! Ikebukuro, the Erotic Terminal of High School Girls!" - Part I Part II
Chapter 4 - Popular GAO Special Report: Found Out! Hanejima Yuuhei, First Midnight Date of Passion!? - Part I Part II
Chapter 5 - A Pedestrian's Guide to Ikebukuro, Ikebukuro Attacks Back II: The Violence Legends of Ikebukuro - Part I Part II
Epilogue I - Private Conversations
Epilogue II - The Group Talks - & Next Prologue

Vol.5 (Complete)

Color Illustrations
Lovey-Dovey Prattles of an Underground Doctor, I
Chapter 1 - The Fighting Doll, He Is in Slight Trouble - Part I Part II
Interlude or Prologue A: Rokujou Chikage
Lovey-Dovey Prattles of an Underground Doctor, II
Chapter 2 - The Adults, They Are Restless - Part I Part II
Interlude or Prologue B: Vorona and Slon
Lovey-Dovey Prattles of an Underground Doctor, III
Chapter 3 - Their Youth, It Sparkles and Falls - Part I Part II
Interlude or Prologue C: Kuronuma Aoba
Connecting Chapter

Vol.6 (Complete)

Color Illustrations
Interlude or Prologue D: Kida Masaomi
Lovey-Dovey Prattles of an Underground Doctor, IV
Chapter 4 - The Escapees, Their Fates Are Intertwined - Part I Part II Part III Part IV
Interlude or Prologue E: Awakusu Akane
Lovey-Dovey Prattles of an Underground Doctor, V
Chapter 5 - Everything Is Solved and Detonated - Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII   Part IX Part X
Epilogue and Next Prologue

Vol.9 (Complete)

Color Illustrations
Prologue - Classmate
In a Dark Place 1
Chapter 1 - The Information Broker
In a Dark Place 2
Chapter 2 - Iza-Nii - Part I Part II
In a Dark Place 3
Chapter 3 - The Flea - Part I Part II
In a Dark Place 4
Chapter 4 - The Vice President of the Club - Part I Part II Part III Part IV
In a Dark Place 5
Chapter 5 - Orihara Izaya - Part I Part II
Epilogue & Next Prologue - Me


Vol.7 (Ongoing)

Color Illustrations
Non-Everyday Life α
"Hospitalization Polka"

Everyday Life A "Assignation Boléro”
Everyday Life B "Maverick Concerto" - Part I Part II  Part III
Everyday Life C "Debt Collector Rhapsody"
Everyday Life D "Lovers' Chaka-Poko"
Epilogue & Next Prologue "Everyday Life Fugue"

Vol.8 (Ongoing)

Prologue - "Two Sides of the Same Coin@Ikebukuro"
Chapter 1 - "Through Twists and Turns@Dullahan Rider"
Chapter 2 - "The Reality@Utopia"
Chapter 3 - "Unrivaled Dreams@Past and Present"
Chapter 4 - "Straying Off@Stalkers"
Epilogue & Next Prologue - "Inside=Outside=Between  Izaya Returns in Triumph@Möbius Loop" - Part I

Interlude - Tail Between Legs
Chapter 1 - Every Tom, Dick and Harry
Chapter 2 - Birds of a Feather
Chapter 3 - A Snake in One's Bosom
Connecting Chapter - An Undisciplined Mob


By Narita Ryohgo:
April Fool Official Bacon Lettuce (please see notice before asking for access to this story)
Excerpt from Shinra Gaiden, DVD Vol.1
Shizuo Gaiden 1 2, DVD Vol.2
Excerpt from Izaya Gaiden, DVD Vol.8
Dengeki Magazine Omake Story 1 2

Authorship Unconfirmed:
Drama CD, "Range and Versatility", Track 1 (Incomplete), DVD Vol.2
Durarara!! Character & CD (Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke)

Multiple Authors
DVD Extra Character Profile Cards (All 13 Volumes) (Height and weight by anime staff, the rest by Narita Ryohgo)


Possible projects in the future (excluding the current volume(s) in progress):

Since I sometimes get questions on what future translation projects I plan to undertake, I will list them here.

DURARARA!! - Everyone Gets Along - Series (aka the DVD Gaidens).
DURAMP! (Durarara!! x Vamp! story by Narita Ryohgo)

I probably won't do anything from Baccano!, but I'm interested in doing a little bit of Vamp! and maybe Hariyama, too.

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I've been looking for translations for Vamp. Is there any? Or could you be so kind to translate the series into English? I've been anxiously waiting to hear something about this series but I haven't found any news on this series getting picked up.

I don't think there are currently any translations for Vamp except a Chinese one for Vol.1. Etsusa Bridge is higher up on my priority list but I'll gladly do a couple of snippets from Vamp if people are interested.

That'll be a dream coming true Anni-san !^^

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