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Durarara!! SHx3 reading notes
[Spoiler (click to open)]["UnDollars"?]

A shadow of doubt rose in Celty's chest as she heard this somewhat familiar name.

"Exactly. Dollars is gone, isn't it? There are kids out there who can't accept the fact that it is. It looks like they've formed an anonymous online group around themselves, trying to be the next 'Dollars'. They'd graffiti the streets claiming it to be guerilla art, or spread daikon seeds on vacant public lots, self-indulgent things like that."

[People like that exist?]

"They tried to put 'Dollars' and 'Under' together, I guess. 'Undaa-raasu'. What does 'Raasu' mean?"



Shinra tilted his head at Celty's typed reply.

[It's an Icelandic word for 'plan' or 'council'. Something of the sort.]

"Ooh, is it really? As expected of Celty! Your knowledge extends even to Nordic languages!"

[Yeah, a very, very old acquaintance of mine had a nickname that started with "Raasu"("Ráð")...but that's not the point. Let's get back to talking about the phantom attacker.]

– Chapter 4

Since the "acquaintance" in question pretty much has to be Ráðgríð the valkyrie, this is perhaps Narita's way of finally confirming that Celty was indeed a valkyrie after 16 frigging books.

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welcome back! (if you are?) either way thank you for the excerpt!

Curious though, does the text imply she is def a valkyrie and not a dullahan? Or in this case would dullahan and valkyrie go hand in hand? Since I'd guess otherwise it just means she has other mythological friends.

Again welcome back! I hope this means irl has calmed down a little for you!

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