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DURARARA!! SHx3 Interlude 1

Rumors on the Internet

Ikebukuro Information Site [IkeNEW~! Version I.KEBU.KUR.O]

New Post [【A War Breaks Out! 】Ex-Captain of Color Gang Hit by Attacker on Passers-By【The Return of Yellow Scarves? 】]

• 【Where Did the Headless Rider Go?】– (from Tokyo Warrier Digital Edition)

[Today, before dawn, the police received an anonymous tip from a pay phone that there has been a street attack on a male. They hurried to the scene and found the male in question lying on the ground with injuries to his head.

The anonymous tipper appeared to have left the scene, possibly fearing further involvement. The male was rushed to the hospital, where it was pronounced that his life was not in danger.

According to the tipper, the assailant wore a black costume-like outfit and used a white stick-like object to hit the victim. The police are conducting their search bearing in mind the possibility that the same suspect was responsible for the series of attacks on passers-by.

Sources say that the male was a high-ranking member in a Color Gang that used to be active in Ikebukuro, with some suspecting that it was an act of war between Color Gangs and bousouzoku made to look like an attack on a passer-by. Alarmed by the possibility of a full-scale war, gangs are coming on high alert.]

– (Read more at the source…)

Reference – Tsukumoya Shinichi’s comments on another news website

[Regardless of whether it had to do with the attacker on passers-by or not – it’s true that the return of the leader of “Dragon Zombie” has upset the power balance between gurentais and other gangs somewhat.

In the midst of all this, a new rumored force called “Snake Hands” has attracted attention in Ikebukuro, although it is unclear whether it is the nickname of one individual or a group.

I, personally, can’t wait to see if he, or she, or they, will become the new ‘eye of the storm’ of Ikebukuro.

The victim in this incident used to be an attention-grabbing figure back when “Dollars” was in its full swing. It’s possible that its remnants have made a comeback, or are planning to make a comeback using this incident as a springboard. I recommend following this incident with utmost attention.

[IkeNew! ] Administrator’s comment

“Speaking of Internet rumors, don’t some say that the victim was a certain Mr. H released from prison not so long ago-moja?

Some say that he was leader of Yellow Scarves for a really brief time, too-moja.

That fearful figure released from prison…

Was it a collaboration between his victims who hate his guts, now that he is free from the punishment of law? Or is he in fact not as good a fighter as his titles make him out to be, since the attacker on passers-by seems to have taken him out quite easily-moja?

If it was an act of war, who did it?

“Dragon Zombie”?

“Jyan Jyan Jyan”?


“Yellow Scarves”?

“Blue Square”?

“Toramaru” from Saitama?

Or did some other unknown force reveal itself in Ikebukuro-moja?

It’s scary-moja. Chills me to the bones-moja.

The attacker on passers-by is scary, for sure, but conspiring thugs are scary too-moja.

Amen, amen-moja.”

Lila Tailtooth Zaiya, Administrator


Excerpts of typical tweets from the microblogging site “Twittia”

• Tsukumoya-san’s way of speaking sure varies widely between website commentaries and books.

    ↑ He speaks very politely when seriousness is called for, but he goes wild in frank commentaries like this.

        ↑ I wonder which one is his true self.
            ↑ I’d say both.

                ↑ He sounds like multiple different persons.

                    ↑ Maybe he is multiple different persons.

• The victim was Horada?

    ↑ Looks like it.

        ↑ Great, that jerk deserved it.

            ↑ That’s a little harsh, isn’t it?

                ↑ Guy like that, he had it coming.

                    ↑ Exactly, acting like he’s the shit when all he really did was follow Izumii-san around.

                        ↑ I heard that he had a gun at one point, though.

                            ↑ That’s fucked up. Just give the guy death penalty already.

• So was it the attacker on passers-by? Or was it just war between gangs?

    ↑ There was a witness, so it was probably the attacker on passers-by. What gangsters in the world would put on a costume to attack each other?

        ↑ Wasn’t it an anonymous witness? Could be that they just reported themselves.

        ↑ They could have hit the guy and called the police to give them identifying features of the attacker on passers-by, for example?

        ↑ So that the police would think the attacker on passers-by did it?

        ↑ And no one would suspect the chinsoudan (bousouzoku)?

        ↑ Oops, ain’t I quite the detective?

            ↑ Not sure, sounds like stuff anyone could have come up with to me…
                ↑ Why don’t you shut up?

            ↑ Wow, I’m impressed – (flat tone)

                ↑ I’ll block you if you keep mocking me, you know?

            ↑ I think it’s a plausible theory. In fact, the bousouzoku could have been responsible for the previous attacks, too.

                ↑ It is, isn’t it? But I’m not sure about the previous ones?

                    ↑ How were the previous ones different?

                        ↑ There’s hardly any point for bousouzoku to get in a costume just to attack couples or old men taking a walk.

• The Headless Rider did it.

    ↑ Why is everything the Headless Rider’s fault?

        ↑ The fake kidnappings earlier were also indirectly the Headless Rider’s fault, you see.

            ↑ I don’t think it’s good to blame the Headless Rider for everything.

            ↑ The Headless Rider is a very adorable person.

            ↑ The fake kidnappers put her on a pedestal for selfish reasons, but they were more haters than believers.

            ↑ In fact, some say that it was the Headless Rider herself who resolved the fake kidnapping situation.

                ↑ Trying too hard, bro.

                    ↑ Shouldn’t have had water in my mouth when I clicked on this guy’s profile. His occupation says “underground doctor” lolol

                        ↑ Underground lololol doctor lololol

• Speaking of which, what happend to Snake Hands?

     ↑ Hasn’t popped up since.

        ↑ Headless Rider’s girlfriend?

            ↑ Wasn’t it boyfriend?

                ↑ Headless Rider is a woman?

                    ↑ According to some rumors, yeah.

                    ↑ It’s a woman. I’ve seen her getting off the motorbike. The shape of that waist? Definitely a woman.

                    ↑ If you look from the side, there are quite some boobs, so you can tell that it’s a woman.

                        ↑ So if she’s not lesbian, then Snake Hands would have to be the boyfriend.

                            ↑ No.
                            ↑ Snake Hands is not her boyfriend or anything.

                            ↑ That kind of relationship would be an unnecessary addition.

                                ↑ Shut up, underground doctor (lol), or we’re never licensing you.

※ The following are restricted private tweets

• Hey, Shinra. I’m not home now so I’ll just write here, but you need to give it a break already.

• You almost looked like you were spamming the board.

• You’re usually so calm. Why do you get so worked up whenever Yahiro-kun’s name comes up?

    ↑ Sorry, Celty. It’s just that I hate myself.

    ↑ That Yahiro kid can fight alongside you, yet I can’t.

    ↑ I’m so jealous that you trust your backs to each other!

        ↑ Well, I actually don’t think he and I are quite there yet…

        ↑ For God’s sake, you never got jealous when I talked to Shizuo or Izaya.

            ↑ Yeah…I think I’m acting over the top, too.

            ↑ I’ve been thinking since what happened the year before the last.

            ↑ When I was kidnapped by another woman, you got so worried and chased after me, Celty.

            ↑ Therefore, now that the situation is reversed and another guy is hitting on you…it just seemed that it was only fitting for me to get desperately worked up and jealous about it…

                ↑ Yeah, I appreciate that sentiment, but you got the direction of things all wrong.

                ↑ Yahiro-kun is not hitting on me, you know?

                ↑ Anyway, I see. Will talk to you more about it when I get home.

• And, Shinra, you better remove“underground doctor” from your profile.

    ↑ It’s okay, no one would actually believe it, so they wouldn’t report me.

        ↑ No, it’s not that…

        ↑ I know it’s true, but it’s just too painful to read…


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if shinra and celty are people in twitter then there might be some other people into this thing too (kuon or izaya?)
again..thank you so much for your kind translation.

for me the hardest part would identifying which tweets belong to the same person... why is it not showing the username... what is this sensei trying to make us assume...

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